Towards the Final Curtain H.

The fires continue to burn in New South Wales and Queensland. There are 700 South Australian Firefighters and fire units as well as 40 Canadian Firefighters helping  to battle the fires. The weather patterns are not helping and as far as I am aware it is hot and windy in NSW. I mean the strangeness of the weather can be seen here in South Australia – Sunday and it was 46c, Monday 37c, Tuesday (today) I was positively cold when out walking the dog this morning, with the temperature at 17c. In NSW a cool change brought in winds of 100 kph  which change direction rapidly, hampering fire-fighting efforts.  There are over 120  fires with some 1800 firefighters, water bombers, fire retardant aircraft and support personnel  battling them. Here is SA it has been windy for much of the day. Actually, it has been windy for much of the last week and being surrounded

by  Eucalyptus trees, there are leaves and bits of branches  everywhere. For the time being I have simply given up trying to clean up. Sweep up today, much the same tomorrow.

Makes me feel cool looking at it.

The weather this week has been cool to cold in the early morning (when Benji and me go out) then warming up to mid 25c(ish)  during the day Sometimes 27c. This is set to change rapidly as Sunday will be 37c and the Temperature will be in the low to mid 40+c all week with the change coming next Saturday 21st. So, this will be the first  real heat-wave of the summer rather than the two mini heatwaves we had had thus far. This will not be a nice week. I was thinking I might get up really early and take Benji for a double walk since we wont get out in the afternoon – pavements (sidewalks) will be hot. I will reset my alarm – 15 minutes can make a difference – it did last time. I found this photograph and I think I might just use it as my  desktop for the week  :o)  The State Government has  declared a Red Alert for South Australia for the week of extreme heat. My outside  thermometer has already registered 43c and it’s only Monday! The Friday temperature for Adelaide is forecast to be 45c, so goodness knows what it will be up here.

Took Benji out for a walk this evening – after the sun had gone down and things cooled down somewhat. We had a good walk and cleared about 14,000 steps – which when you consider the day it has been, is not three bad. Tomorrow could be very different. The City Council are winding down and it’s their Christmas Break-up on Saturday. The RFDS have been asked to do the catering. We are trying to get a team organised for this and at the moment we have two with me being one of the two – my Son being the other one  :o)  We are both doing a Fundraising function on Saturday morning, so Saturday is going to be a very busy day.

The fires in New South Wales have gotten worse with several of the fires joining together to create what they are now calling a “Megafire”with 10 meter high flames – scary!!! With the current weather conditions it’s not going to get any better soon. The heavwave that is currently scortching South Australia will move east and in the next few days will start to effect the NSW fires. As you may know, I have been feeding the Magpies.  Generally I  leave out  some bread to go hard, then crush it up into  crumbs – and that’s what I give to the Magpies.  Had a sudden wave to the brain and thought “Why don’t I get birdseed and use that” so, that’s what I did. This morning (5:40am) Benji and I went out and the Magpies were there, so I emptied some of the container of birdseed for them.    They went over, looked at it and walked away – wouldn’t even touch it. Looks as if I

The Magpie

shall have to go back to stale breadcrumbs. Don’t know what to do with this birdseed now. Might give it to Benji and see if it will induce him to whistle and sing.

I have just been out to check on the temperature and, according to my thermometer  it is 43c and still three days of this to go. I’m thinking  it’s going to be a long week.

My “Backyard” Not a lot to burn here.

6 thoughts on “Towards the Final Curtain H.

  1. oh no…. we are so sorry that the fires became bigger and have more power to destroy all things in minutes what were built in years… so sad… hugs to you all…


  2. Thank you. We do not live in a fire zone, but we mourn the loss of life and property while at the same time giving thanks for the strength and courage of the firefighters.


    1. Thank you – it’s hard going but there is a cool change expected sometime late Friday – Early Saturday. Be nice to go back to what passes for normal. Never had anything like this before.

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