Hoarders, Funeral and still the Ruby Princess.


Here in South Australia the curve is starting to flatten and although  this is happening it is still to early to let up on restrictions. The Ruby Princess still features in the infections and the 19 deaths thus far, with a further four in ICU.  On the news the other night – Man walked into Drakes Supermarket and asked if he could  return 138  packets of  TP  and 150 bottles of Hand sanitizer because the ebay site he was selling them on had been closed down. The  group manager refused to offer him a refund  told him in no uncertain terms what he could do with his products and told him that it was because of people like him there was a shortage in the first place. However, there is  plenty of TP in the supermarket but I still see people doing the same  thing – perhaps not to the same extent but quite similar.  It’s there – buy one – don’t need it but buy it anyway. The G.M. of Drakes has issued a directive that no store is to refund or entertain in any way anyone who  says that they  have a bulk purchase of TP or Hand Sanitizer, or any other product that they would like to return for a refund. My suggestion that there will be a run on empty  40 gallon drums so certain people can burn all their hundreds of rolls of TP so people don’t find out  they were hoarders, has definitely some merit .  This particular guy had 20 people working with him  buying as much as they could from the supermarket, then selling it online. Altogether he forked out $10,000 for his stuff and now he’s left with it. The police and government have been notified of people with many shopping bags going in and out of a property.. The Federal Police investigated and found a garage and a large shed full of Australian Products that were going to be shipped overseas. All of the product was seized and the gang will be charged. The Deputy Prime Minister  has asked Australians to continue to report any such suspicious  behavior in this regard. No, we are not turning into a Police State but generally people are fed up with these hoarders that have caused so much unnecessary shortages of essential products – even to the extent of stealing it from hospitals.

The funeral today went smoothly, which is about as much as you can really say about a funeral. A very shortened service with only 8 people in attendance, plus the funeral director and assistant make up the legally allowed ten persons. When all this is over and we can get back to what will be a changed normal, we will organise a Memorial Service for Fay. We have not heard from Sam since we returned Dougla last Friday. Went over to the shop this afternoon to get  some things for Annabell. Some of it was for her BSL tests from the chemist. However, she did ask me to go to the supermarket and get something and I couldn’t remember if she said Sulfuric  Acid or Citric Acid. In the end I got Citric Acid, which was probably just as well. When I was out I went to see the Vet. regarding Benji’s Parvovirus Booster. He is due first week in May, so we still have time. I was only joking about the acid just in case you took it seriously. It’s my warped sense of humour.

Changed Days!!

The Ruby Princess is still at Kembla and there is international concern regarding the ship. Thus far 35 people from the Ruby Princess have died – 19 of them here in Australia.  A Criminal Investigation by the Australian Federal Police is currently underway.  The ship is due to depart Kembla on Sunday but  the general feeling is that she wont be going anywhere. There is 1000 people on board and at least 200 of them tested positive to the virus. The general consensus is that these days are the twilight of the cruise industry. I think it may survive but in a very much reduced format. There are court cases pending against a few of the cruise  companies in Australia, the United States and in the U.K. – and these run into millions. It is now Sunday evening and the Ruby Princess is still at Port Kembla and is likely to remain there for another week, at least. However, there are police all over the dock area where she is so it is unlikely that she poses any future risk to Australia. When this is all over, I think the world relationship with China will be changed – and not for the better.


6 thoughts on “Hoarders, Funeral and still the Ruby Princess.

  1. If a police state takes care of hoarders and prosecutes them appropriately, count me in favor. With so many people in dire straights due in part to shortages caused in great measure by these clueless opportunistic twits, I’m in. Stay safe and keep smiling. Humor is helping a fair number of us cope with these extraordinary times.


    1. Not only should they be prosecuted for hoarding in a time of crisis, they should also be prosecuted for the stress and anxiety they caused. I’ll be in that..

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  2. Glad things seem to be getting better in Australia. I did hear about one hoarder here in the states that started giving away the things he had bought when he found out he couldn’t sale them. At least that was something. And, hopefully he learned his lesson.


    1. We are still under a lot of restrictions but we are not under lockdown, so we are able to go out in a limited fashion. These will probably remain until the end of April, then we will see what happens after that.

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