Benji-Birds but no Bees!

Took Annabell shopping today. She said it was the first time she had been out of the house in over two weeks. I reminded her that this was incorrect and that it was the second time. She did not agree and wanted to know when the first time was. I reminded her that I had taken her into town with me during the week. Her comment “yes, but I never got out of the car!” Well, yes, that’s true, but she was still out of the house.  LOL.  I know, I hate me too sometimes.   Took Benji out last night and we were only five minutes back inside when it started raining. Before long we were in the middle of another box of tricks, thunder, lightening, heavy downpour. It was still going

Feeding the Birds

strong at 1am this morning ;  the noise was unreal and Benji was not happy. This is unusual – generally he’s not bothered.  I made a coffee, sat in the computer chair and answered some letters, then I think i slept for a couple of hours – in the chair . I’ll probably have a quick nap this afternoon. As it happened, I took Benji for a walk round the Wetlands and fed the Geese and the Ducks.  One of the larger ones kept approaching me as I brought my hand (with seeds) out of the bag. I’m certain it wanted to take  the seeds out of my hand. I dropped the seeds so that it moved away – I kind of enjoy having fingers. They are very useful I feel. After the Wetlands we drove down to the beach. Didn’t stay long there as it was  cold and very windy. After all that rain in the last three days, there is a dampness about the place, but we still had a walk along the beach. Not that there is all that much of a beach at the

A big fellow.

moment. Moving into winter the area is mainly seagrass/seaweed. Not exactly the best surface for walking along. However the tide was on its way out so there was some sand to walk on.

I wanted a new keyboard for the computer – I don’t actually need one, but I wanted one. The reason is that I feel that I am restricted in the use of my desk by the fact that I have to place the computer in the centre of the desk mainly because I am attacked  to it by the keyboard cable. I figured if I bought a new wireless keyboard I would have  more flexibility on where to place the computer in relation to the keyboard. I already have a wireless mouse. So – go buy a keyboard — Simple — Yes??  Well, actually No!  There is not a keyboard to be had anywhere. There is also a shortage of computers, desktop and laptop -and a shortage of printers. With all the  emphasis on working from home, in some cases, teaching from home and the semi-lockdown, there was a run on computers and accessories.

The mid-year church conference is due to be held on the 16th May. It is unlikely that restrictions will be lifted by then so we are currently organising a video conference and even if we did lift the restrictions, with the airlines still being grounded for inter-state travel, the Queensland commissioners would not be able to attend. I am not certain how to set this Zoom up  since my Guru is in Roxby Downs until the middle of this week. Once he’s back I’ll ask him to set it up for me. Actually,  John will be here tonight I’ll see if he knows how

Benji & Bird

to set it up   ( He didn’t)  .Queensland reduced restrictions on the understanding that social distancing would be maintained. Did it work?? Unfortunately,  no! . Police were forced several times to break up large drinking parties and the main beach was  fenced off because  people just would not comply with the rules. South Australia has now gone 12 days without any new cases and we are about to lift some of our restrictions, but our people have been warned that social distancing must be  continued. I hope our people have a bit more sense than some people inter-state.

6 thoughts on “Benji-Birds but no Bees!

    1. Yes the slow reopen begins on Monday 11th and will be phased in over three stages. We just have to wait, hope and pray that stage one is successful.


  1. Congrats on no new case for nearly two weeks-well done. That means what you guys have been doing is working. I wish I could say the same for here. I expect the next wave to begin in a few weeks now that more and more states are opening up.


  2. We went for two weeks and on the 15th day. we had one case.. Everytime I see the news I get worried about what is happening in the USA and also Russia which has an average of over 10,000 cases per day. China had 2 cases this week, and that scares me even more.. We will start to – slowly – reopen, beginning Monday 11th.May.


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