It’s all Confused!

I have been away from this blog for a few days and I come back to find that everything has changed and I am not certain that I really like it: that I actually understand it or that I can

Nice and peaceful.

use it. I have no idea how I managed to get this far. I will keep on writing and see where it leads. I don’t know where my photographs are or how I can get photographs on to the page. I was particularly comfortable with the way the page was and if I knew how to I would try and return it to what it was before.   Somehow it went on to Block Editor and I don’t know why this happened, but I seem to have got it back to Classic Editor, which I am much more comfortable with.

The funeral on Wednesday was was very sad. Of course, all funerals are but this one was particularly so. It was held at the Funeral Home mainly because they have a large hall, and our church would not have been large enough – under the current restrictions – to accommodate enough people. There were a number of people from the hospital in Adelaide who traveled up. As I said, I was attending and had not intended to be part of the service. In the event I was asked to take part in the service. I was also asked to  undertake the Committal at the graveside.  William was a young man in a high pressure occupation – he was a psychiatric nurse and Team Leader at the Psychiatric Unit at a major hospital in Adelaide.  At the Cemetery, Annabell remained in the car . The walk would have been too much for her. 

I went out to the Photography Club in the evening but my heart wasn’t really in it so I came home fairly early. I want to really improve my photography and I thought joining the Photography Club was the way to achieve this, but I am not sure. I think what I really need is a hands on photography course, and that’s not possible here – in Adelaide yes, but I can’t remember the last time we ran  Community Courses here.  Yes I have tried  “On-Line ” courses, I have about three currently in the computer, but they just don’t work for me. There have been times ( yesterday, in fact) when I have gone out with the camera, taken photographs, came home and deleted every one. I was just unhappy and didn’t like them. With all the stuffing around the camera was a mess so I took the step of going into the  settings and returning the camera to Factory Settings, wipe out all the other setting except the basic  settings the camera came out of the box with. Start again from scratch without contradictory advice from assorted sources.

Oddly enough last Wednesday morning was the last fine day we had. It has been heavy rain throughout the state  for the last four days. It has also been cold and windy. It is supposed to start warming up by the end of the

Dog Stroller can be used if necessary

week, but it feels more like an extended winter rather than Spring. I have had Benji out and about and he is developing into a little con-man.  Of late we are out walking and after a while he will start limping then stop and lift his right paw up as if he was in pain. When I bent down to  feel all over his paw I could find nothing wrong, Even when I gently extended his paw he didn’t complain. He put the paw on the ground but when I started to move off, the paw went up in the air. Yes, I lifted him and put him on my shoulder and carried him for part of the way home.  This has happened several times and much of the time I have carried him – except for today. Off we went at 6am this morning, and about  three quarters of the way into the walk, the paw went in the air. I examined the paw,

There are definitely days ;like that..

found nothing amiss and told  him that we would go back home—-well I had hardly said the word home, than he turned around, the paw went down and he took off, no sign of any pain or discomfort or paw problem. I had a chat with Annabell and we have come to the conclusion that this is his way of telling me that he’s had enough and he wants to go home. He is getting older so really we should expect that he doesn’t want to be quite as active as he was. Anyway, I have a “Pet Stroller”which I bought for Misty, a Maltese we had many years ago,  who went blind. When we go out tomorrow I will take it with me and if he does the paw thing, I will lift him, strap him in the stroller and we can finish the walk together – like companions should.

Annabell is as well as expected. I  will have her at the hospital on Wednesday and again on Friday.  We may find out  sometime after Friday what the problem is, but if not then it may be day surgery on the 22nd October.

10 thoughts on “It’s all Confused!

  1. Hi! I feel your “pain” re the Classic vs the Block Editor. But I found a support page that might help us both:

    As to Benji – I think you & Annabelle have hit the nail on the head…the raised paw sounds to me like a request to head home. Ducky’s getting a little older, too, and sometimes asks for our attention by favoring the left leg. So, we give her a little extra love and soon enough she’s back to running around the house, trying to get us to play “catch me if you can” or keep away with her toy.

    I do hope the news for Annabelle is good, or at the very least hopeful. Sending healing energy and POTP from South Carolina.

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    1. Some years ago we had a Maltese and she went blind. So that I could still take her out I bought the dog stroller and we still went for our walks and from time to time I lifted her out. Anyway, I wondered if this could be good for Benji. I took the stroller with us the other morning and after a while the limp and the right paw in the air, so I ifted him, clipped him in the stroller and we went on with our walk. He was a very happy lad and I think he enjoyed seeing things from a new angle :o) We should know this weekend what the problem is with Annabell.

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  2. we are so sorry for the young man… such last ways are extra hard for all ;O( I had a lot of trouble with WP too, fortunately it is still possible to switch back to classic editor… by now no one liked this change, I really wonder why such a BS was necessary…

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    1. His parents are in Adelaide sorting out the house, cleaning and clearing it ready for sale. Like you I have no idea why this change but I really don’t like it. I have managed to get back to Classic and we’ll see how long that will last.

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    1. Benji has taken to the stroller quite well. We don’t use it all the time – only when he feel he’s had enough of walking. Didn’t like that Block Editor one little bit.

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  3. The new Block Editor is the pits. I tried using it and finally reverted back to classic and bookmarked it so I could find it easily. When they eliminate the classic editor I will stop blogging. I just don’t have the bandwidth for more stress in my life.

    The stroller sounds like a good plan with sweet Benji. Older dogs still enjoy seeing things I’m convinced even if they can’t run around enjoying it first hand.

    Best (and healing) wishes to you, Annabell and the wee lad. Sending ‘pawsitive’ energy to you all.

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  4. Thank you. We hope to have some more information on Annabell in a few days. Benji has taken to the stroller quite well :o) We do a good deal of the walk until the paw comes up, then he goes in the stroller and he’s quite happy.

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  5. I haven’t tackled the block editor yet. Working in WP Admin I find that clicking Add New has a drop down menu to choose Classic or Block, and once a draft is saved there is the choice of Edit or Classic Editor. This is allowing me to continue procrastinating! I’ve saved the link given by My Golden Life – that will come in handy when I feel brave enough to change.

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