Dogs and thunder storms.

It’s been a rough week alright.

Now that I have returned to Classic Editor I can reply to people – all except two. For reasons , which are unknown, any comments I make on these post are deleted. I have no idea why this is happening because I thought we had fixed this. Seems I was mistaken, but I don’t know what the problem is. These are the  Monica and Annabell Marsh

Annabell is home but the problem is not  sorted.   Everything from the exploratory surgery on Tuesday (20th)  has been sent away for analysts  and we should have these results when I take her back to the hospital next Friday  30th.

Right at the moment there is a major storm front settled over the Eyre Peninsula. The noise of the storm was incredible with rolling thunder which seemed like it was sitting on the roof – not a lot of lightening. The thunder is still happening but it is a bit further away than it was when it woke me up at 3:30. I am happy to say that the dogs have not been bothered. Benji is ok and Yogi is deaf anyway :o)

Monday 26th. Jim was released from hospital yesterday afternoon and I took Yogi home late this afternoon. Too much happening on Sunday and this morning was shopping day. I had intended to take Yogi home after shopping, which would be about 12(ish) however, as the Bard wrote “The best laid plans of mice and men…” We were no sooner back in the house when the hospital telephoned and said they had a cancellation would Annabell like to have that appointment rather than Friday. We thought this was good and accepted the offer. I phoned Jim and told him we would be late returning Yogi and why.   I have to take her for tests tomorrow (Tuesday) and again  for another scan on Friday. However, the initial test results from last week are not good. We

Just passing time, Mummy – not buying Ice Cream or anything – just passing time…

do have a result but it needs to be confirmed. She’s comfortable with the result, or at least she has accepted it – I’m really not.  I just wish I was but I’m not. Sooner, rather than later, regardless of what

happens this week, we will have to go down to Adelaide for an operation. At this stage we believe it will be at the Flinders Medical Center. I wont be able to take Benji with us so I  either find someone to look after him, or I  lodge him in the Kennels for a few days. Adelaide – well most of South Australia really,  is not pet friendly. Yes, I know I look after other peoples’ dogs from time to time , but that’s different. We are talking about my Benji here.  Jim does not keep good health and has enough to look after Yogi – his own dog: Dougal’s family also have health problems and  would not be able to cope with Benji and although Max is a lovely Pug, Benji did not get on well with Max – so I have no place else to go other than the Kennels.

We had further blood tests and we go for the final scan tomorrow (Friday) these will confirm the results. Once that is done I will telephone the boys and ask them to come over and we can have a family conference. The boys  need to be told, something I was going to do on Wednesday but Annabell said to leave things until it’s confirmed and we know for definite. On a positive side we have been told that it is not a “deadly” form and she  should respond to  treatment after the initial infection has been removed. We can only hope and pray that this is so,  and on Sunday I will be obliged to let the congregation know.

9 thoughts on “Dogs and thunder storms.

  1. It’s sad that you are there for the pups but no one can take care for your benji… we send all the good luck to you and positive thoughts… as much as we can


    1. If they could, I know they would but two of them are not well enough and Benji does not get on with the other dog. We are going to put in a dog door tomorrow and teach Benji how to use it and the boys will visit every few hours to check on him whilst we are away. Not great but better than the Kennels I think.


  2. I’m so sorry to read that Annabell has had bad news about her health. Sending warm thoughts to you both.

    On a far less important issue, I’m sorry my blog seems to have taken against you! Nothing personal, I assure you! I get a LOT of Spam, too much to scan through checking for real messages, so I just empty the file from time to time. Next time I will try to remember to search for your name first and rescue you.


  3. I don’t think it’s you and I have a similar problem with spam. It’s been like this since it suddenly changed to block editor and something went amiss with my WordPress account ( yes it has been paid) so I don’t know what the problem is. And this SHOULD be ok since it’s my page not yours :o)


  4. So very sorry the news for Annabelle is not good, but glad it is at least hopeful. Will keep you both in my prayers.
    I’m glad the boys will be able to check on Benji while you’re gone, and care for him. I agree – that solution, while not ideal is probably much better than the kennels. At least Benji will be in his own home and comfortable. May I suggest leaving him one of your old shirts to sleep on/with so he has your scent to comfort him?

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    1. Hello. I thought I had approved this and replied but I can’t seem to find it. Yes, I was very surprised in that he took to the dog door quite quickly so

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  5. We keep you and Annabelle in our thoughts and prayers. Ear scritches for dear Benji and hope you can find someone suitable who might be able to watch him when you’re away. Hugs and tail wags,
    Monika, Norman & Elsa 🐾

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  6. Thank you. All of you. The boys came over last night and we had a discussion. The reason they came over is that Andrew suspected something was not right, so he picked up John and they both came over. The boys, like me, are not keen on the Kennels idea. What we are going to do is install a dog door and teach Benji how to use it. He will then stay at home where he is comfortable and one or other of the boys will take time to check on him every few hours to make sure he is ok, drop in before and after work and check on him and feed him.. Not a great solution but better, I think, than the kennels with strangers

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