Keyboards, Adelaide and hot days.

My “New” keyboard

Annabell didn’t like her computer mouse. I, on the other hand, wanted a new keyboard.  About mid-morning we went off to the  shopping mall. I found a new keyboard that I was happy with. Asked for advice I helped Annabell to get a new mouse, but since she had a cable mouse perhaps time she got a wireless mouse and perhaps treat herself to a wireless keyboard. After searching around we found a good wireless mouse/keyboard combination , so she bought that.  ( I know,  where is this going??)  When we got home I unpacked and unboxed my new keyboard. Annabell looked at it and said she wished she had seen that because it’s a keyboard she would like – good, sturdy and large keys. Well, tough, it’s mine so there. Not working?? Okay  — yes I gave it to her and I took the mouse/keyboard combination, which I am using now.  Nah it’s not bad and I can live with it. Annabell is happy with the other keyboard and that’s good. I remember the lesson my dad taught me – “it’s no loss what a friend gains” She’s happy…

Second strange incident. This evening, after the news and the weather report (39c tomorrow) I took Benji out for a “Block Walk” just a short(ish) walk around the block. We moved about six feet when he dug his front paws in and refused to move. He relaxed so I moved off again, less than a foot or so and the paws dug in again. I figured he just didn’t want to go walking so I turned around to   go into the driveway. He didn’t – he walked right past the drive and kept on walking, In essence we did what is generally the morning district walk and he walked quite the thing.

Wednesday 11th: We did not go out yesterday. I had to go to the shops for some things for Annabell and the  boy was not happy because I didn’t take him with me. I couldn’t – not leaving him in

It was a wee bit wet.

a car at 39c – even with windows open. Apart from which, most of the day it blew a storm – very high winds. In the evening the thunderstorm started and continued through much of the night. Today ? Well, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the trees are in blossom. perhaps I just imagined the storm!  “Indian Hills” I really did try to comment but  three times it was deleted. I liked those signs.  (still having a problem with Had a telephone call from the Clinic at the Flinders Hospital. I have to take Annabell down there  on 27th November. The Surgeon wants do do some tests before he organises the time and date for her surgery, which will be at the Flinders Cancer Clinic. I had to take  her up to the Emergency Dept. at the local hospital last night and she has another  UTI – and, according to the tests – well the comment the nurse used was “raging” However, they  gave her the necessary medication and the doctor signed a script, which I got  for her this morning.

My drive to Adelaide for the Conference was uneventful (as was the meting itself)  but although I did manage to get some shopping done much of what I wanted – ( tools,batteries etc) was still

unavailable. However, now that the state borders have re-opened, goods should start moving again.  Most of the time I travelled with the A/C on. Things have changed and I  wasn’t able to get the bus into town from the hotel. The public transport in Adelaide no longer takes money. In order to

Just Because

travel on public transport in Adelaide  you needs must have a “Metro Card” and I didn’t. In order to get into the city I had to find a newsagent and buy a metro card – then then the next step was to put funds on to so that cost me more. Still, it does not expire so I can use it when next in Adelaide – in  two weeks time. Actually, if I hold on to it  I can use it any time I am in Adelaide, provided I remember to  put funds in it.  We have a bit of a concern in that South Australia  is now a “Covid Hot Spot”with 22 new cases in the northern suburbs and spreading. The authorities are moving quickly to contain the first outbreak since mid May, but a lot of new restrictions have been re-introduced. We don’t know if we will be allowed to travel to Flinders Hospital next week. I will try and find out what I can today.  It’s a added worry we really don’t need right at the moment.

Benji has not been out walking for a few days, what with me being away overnight,  the 38c / 39c and then 44c  temperatures it has been a tad on the hot side for his paws. Monday evening was the first time out since last Thursday. I also took him out this morning and found it a b it on the “fresh” side but no doubt it will warm up during the day,

11 thoughts on “Keyboards, Adelaide and hot days.

  1. Hope Annabelle is able to get to her appointments and have the surgery. I was scheduled for surgery on 4 Nov, but it has been postponed due to all of the CoVID cases in my area. No idea when it will be rescheduled.


  2. We are clear up here but Adelaide is not and it is developing by the hour. I need to know if the appointment in Adelaide is still on so I can book the hotel but the clinic, like the rest of us will just have to watch the situation as it develops. At the moment it is still on.

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  3. how good that you found a good time for a walk ;O) we had keyboard wars here too.. bought a new one and it didn’t work. my friend bought the same one with the same result, so we thought they all are faulty… till we found out that we both placed the batteries the wrong way hahahahaha

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  4. I love my wireless mouse! The keyboard is wired, but that’s not an issue for me.

    Hope all works out for Annabell’s surgery! It’s enough that she has to have it to begin with, but to not know the when is even more stressful, I’m sure! Sending hugs to you both.

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    1. Everything is in doubt at the moment. There has been an outbreak in Parafield, Adelaide and the state is now on lockdown for the next 6/7 days and compulsory wearing of masks outside of the house. Starting tomorrow I will have to remember to take, the doggie bags, the container, the harness, the high vis vest, my hat, the covid mask and Benji. I better print this reply off in case I forget anything.

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  5. So sorry you’re still encountering comment issues. Glad you liked the Indian Hills signs. I may make them a periodic regular post. Everyone seems to enjoy them.

    Gold star for you for accommodating Annabell’s keyboard/mouse wishes. ⭐️ You’re a good man.
    P.S. I’ve sent a greeting card to her a few days ago (have no idea how long it will take to arrive though) but keep an eye out for it. Will probably take a couple of weeks since our post office is so dysfunctional these days trying to keep the crazy prez happy (didn’t seem to wrok-thank heavens but the mail is still being poorly managed/run these days until we can evict the whole lot. Digital hugs and tails from us to you guys. Belly rubs for dear Benji.

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    1. Well it seems I can now comment on other pages – now we will see if you are in the groove :o) South Australia is now on lockdown again – for at least seven days. There has been an outbreak at Parafield and it’s spreading and so we are now on lockdown to attempt to contain it. Oh and I have to say that our mail service is not all that crash hot at the moment either

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      1. Good news on the comment front. 🤞🏼 We’re not on lockdown and the increased case numbers proves it. People are just insanely stupid especially with wearing masks. I call them COVIDIOTS maskholes. 😡 Stay safe.

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  6. Oddly enough, I had just read your comment when the phone rang and I was informed that it was the Imperious Leader’s decision that our churches in South Australia to be closed for the moment. Not that we have Covid-19 up here ( we are 300 miles north of Adelaide) but I suspect it’s a precaution – better safe than sorry.

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