Bread, Lockdown and Pizza Shop.

The letters we had been waiting for arrived this morning and the appointment for next Friday at Flinders is still on.  The clinic is not included in the lockdown – indeed, none of the hospital emergency services are. Annabell forgot to get bread yesterday and by the time she remembered  and I went back down to the supermarket, the shelves were empty. However, I went down as they opened and got her two packets of bread rolls- which she prefers. I got my bread yesterday but Annabell doesn’t like my Rye Bread. With the lockdown we are not allowed to take the dog out – actually we are not allowed to go out unless  it is within the restrictions rules – which my trip was this morning. Anyway, I would not have been taking the Boy out since it was 37c yesterday and is 38c today and in the high 30s tomorrow. With all that’s going on I thought it would be a good idea to try and kill myself. I did this by climbing up a ladder to trim a tree. I jumped on the bottom rung of the ladder to  make sure that is was grounded well enough. There was no movement so up I went. Got almost to where I wanted to be when the left leg of the ladder sank into the ground and the ladder over-balanced. The ladder went down and me with it. Nothing too serious, – one  cut and  some scrapes. The cut was cleaned (by me) and bandaged also be me. I really didn’t need a bandage because it wasn’t all that bad, but I tend to bleed and it was for that more than anything else.  I thought, “sod this, it’s too blooming hot to stuff around out here”so I left the ladder where it was and went inside  for a cold lemonade. Seemed like a good idea… We are now on the second day of the lockdown and it seems like forever ago when things were “normal”.

We are not allowed to take the dog out for exercise, however, if I choose to go to the shop for essential food items, I can walk there( wearing a mask) and take the dog with me. That’s fair enough but it means that I would have to tie Benji up somewhere outside whilst I do  the shopping – and that I am really not keen on doing.————— Anyway – things do happen fairly quickly and the lockdown which started quickly on Thursday and was to last for six days, ends midnight tonight (Saturday). In routine testing and investigation it was believed that  a new cluster was developing. This was based on information given to authorities by an employee of a Pizza Shop. Based on the information he provided the government moved quickly to contain any breakout – the lockdown – whilst the authorities began the tracing of the customers, delivery driver and so forth. At it happens, the person concerned lied and the lockdown and all the followed was based on a lie. When this was discovered the government moved just as quickly to end the lockdown. Officially it ends at midnight, but to all intents and purposes it is over now and people are out and about. I took Benji out for his walk last night and again this morning,. We live in a strange world. According to what I am reading, there is nothing (officially) that can be done – it is not a crime to lie to these health investigators – they are not police. To say that Adelaide is a tad annoyed is an understatement and it is unlikely that the business involved will survive..


Sorry about this – with all the confusion I must have pressed “publish”instead of “Save


11 thoughts on “Bread, Lockdown and Pizza Shop.

  1. Good Grief, you can’t take the poor dog out for exercise?? What’s he supposed to do when he has to go bathroom, do it in the house?? That’s what I would call over compensating. Animals need fresh air. At least Annabell’s surgery is still on. Will the boys be allowed to travel to your home to care for Benji?


    1. Unless it is extended the lockdown should be over by the time we are ready to leave for Adelaide. We installed a Doggie Door and have been teaching Benji how to use it, which he is doing. So, apart from a minor mishap, he should be okay.

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  2. What’s their reasoning for not letting you take dogs out for exercise? That seems a little extreme. Glad Annabell’s surgery is still a go. Take care.


    1. I think the reasoning is that it is only six days and to have people and dogs wandering around the place defeats the whole purpose of a lockdown.. The rules can be bent a tad in that if I want to walk to the shop for essential food items, I can do so AND if I wish to, I can take my dog with me. But that means tying him up outside the store and I am not keen on that.

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  3. can it be that we are neighbors? I forgot the bread too and faced an empty shelfe later as I came back.. well so we have to stay with amrie antoinette: let them eat cake when they have no bread ;O) how bad that you can not even go for a walk with the dog.. at least this is possible here… for one hour per day…


    1. I went down early the following morning and got two packets of bread rolls, which she prefers . Odd thing though – Bakers Delight ( a bread and cake bakery) was told to close because it was not an “essential” business — very strange.


  4. So sorry to hear about the ladder spill. Good grief…that couldn’t have been much worse. Glad it wasn’t too bad.

    COVID has definitely changed the way we do things, though far too many people just can’t seem to adhere to mask wearing (which is probably why our cases keep skyrocketing. People are just making this worse every time they go out and congregate. Ugh.

    Stay safe and from the sounds of it, try to stay cool. Have a lovely weekend. Ear rubs for Sir Benji.


  5. Thank you – I did come out of it fairly well and I’ll leave the ladder for another day. When I did go out to the shop I found that the majority of people were wearing face masks. The people who were not were mostly male. The lock down ends tonight, officially but to all intents it is already over. The reason have probably made news headlines.


    1. Police and government are still trying to find if they can charge him with anything, but it seems not. It is not a crime to lie to contact tracers – they are not police. Yes, we leave on early on Friday morning for the appointment Friday afternoon. All being well, home Saturday.

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