Car Problems B

At the Ada Ryan Gardens where all the trouble began.
Old but it just perfect for this week.

All of the foregoing on the previous post happened on the Thursday. On the Friday morning I went out and tried to start the car – and it did. It was running smoothly so I decided to go down to the shopping centre and get some things for Annabell. Got into the car, put it in reverse and slowly backed out. Got the car out onto the roadway when it died. Nothing I could do to restart it and it was blocking the road. Fortunately some neighbours came to help and with their aid we pushed the car back into the driveway I called out the RAA again and the usual hour later the mechanic arrived. By this time I was really convinced it was the battery. The mechanic arrived and the first thing he said was that there was nothing wrong with the battery. He checked the computer again and everything was fine. He ran a few more tests then went underneath the car and banged some area with a mallet ( all very technical)  Turned on the engine and the car started right away. We left it running whilst he did some more tests then told me what the problem was – the fuel pump was malfunctioning. I need a new fuel pump. Okay, called the mechanic I use only to discover that he is presently in Adelaide and wont be back for a couple of days. So no car.  Annabell had an appointment so I called Andrew and he came, took her to her appointment, waited and brought her home. It was also arranged that he will pick us up for Church on Sunday. John has a SUV and Annabell cannot get into that. So that’s it for the moment. It has been an interesting few days.

Nice and peaceful. He still get to go out for walks !

Took Benji out this morning as normal then took out again for a walk in the afternoon. Probably just as well since the evening erupted into a thunderstorm with the heaviest  rain I have seen in a long time. Did try a walk on my own between rain storms – that didn’t work too well – got soaked. The cool change that was forecast for Friday never eventuated. Most of Saturday was  nice and the sudden  quick change and the thunderstorm took most by surprise. In next to no time, the main water tank was overflowing then the  big blue waste bin that I use for overflow was itself, overflowing. With the thunder and lightening and the crash of the rain it was all very spectacular – and very noisy. We did loose power but only  for a few minutes and it was back again.  The steelworks lost power and Andrew and his team were called out to get the plant back up and running. When I spoke to him he told me they were at the plant from just after 5pm Saturday  to almost 1am Sunday morning.

The car was repaired this morning (Monday) and a new fuel pump was put in. Car fired up nicely and we drove down to the church to collect my case

The Ada Ryan Gardens

and our stuff left there after the service yesterday.  Got the car out of the driveway and drove to the church. Got the cases into the boot and drove out the gates and stopped while I  closed and locked the gates. Back to the car, which would not start. Anyway called out the RAA and a taxi to take Annabell home. I stayed with the car. Now it seems we have a major electrical fault so the car was towed to  the Autoelectrical place and  and we wait to see what will happen next.  I might have it back in a day or two. Oh look – flying animals in the sky!!!



11 thoughts on “Car Problems B

  1. Sorry you are having car issues. A lot of times it seems they fix one thing and something else pops up. In this case, I wonder if the fuel pump was bad or if it was this electrical problem all the time. Hope it gets fixed soon.


  2. Well shoot, I was hoping the original diagnosis would solve the problem. Having a car with problems is beyond inconvenient. Hopefully things will be resolved without too many more taxi rides. 🤞🏼


    1. It is a shared responsibility. I mean you can’t worry and relax at the same time – so – I do the worrying while he takes care of the relaxing. Team work…


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