Cars, Dog Stroller and Cars.

What now my love, now that you’ve left me, how can I live through another day?

It has now been seven days since the car was towed away and the  repairs started. The unit for the ignition system was supposed to be over here from Port Pirie yesterday and, I imagine, fitted yesterday and today. I would like to have the car back  sometime today, but, to be really honest, I am not very hopeful. Today, being Friday, summer officially ends in two days and Monday 1st March is the 1st day of Autumn (Fall)  Summer begins on 1st December and ends on the last day of February, a total  of 90 days and from that total we have only really had 14 days when we could say “Summer is here.” A total of three heatwaves – 5+4+5-  there has been a lot of rain, there is flooding in Queensland and people being evacuated – cyclones in the north have meant heavy rain here accompanied by high winds. In fact I don’t recall seeing all that much on the weather charts but high winds. Well, that’s not strictly true, sometimes the forecaster  forecasted  “damaging winds 95kpm+)  I answered a comment by Tippysmom the other day and I said it was a nice day with a gentle breeze and it was for about half the morning before the wind increased. I took Benji out for a walk and before I was halfway through the walk I was struggling  and ended up carrying my hat rather than wearing it. In fact, the long range forecast is for more rain

I am concerned in that it is not very long before I have to take Annabell to the clinic at Flinders medical and I still don’t have a car. Yes, I realise that the  visit to the Clinic is ten days away but that’s wont stop me from worrying. Yes I worry, it’s my job  :o)  I worry, Benji does the relaxing – we share the load – that’s what friends do!

Lovely day for a stroll

I am beginning to believe that the birthdate on the Adoption Papers for Benji – 2010 –  rather than the Microchip birth date – 2012 – is the correct one. That would make him 11 this year. I have noticed that he is starting to slow down just a bit and it was very noticeable this morning when he started tiring and dragging towards the last 200 yards of our morning walk. I thought he looked

so tired that I lifted him up on my shoulder and carried him the rest of the way. This afternoon I wanted to go for a walk and he came with me. We had not gone far when he really started to slow down. I turned around and came back home. I got the  “Dog Stroller” out of the garage, cleaned it and put a thick blanket in there for him to sit on. Lifted him him in,  attached the harness and off we went. He loved it, sitting there watching everything around him and still being out with his daddy. Can’t get better than that. ( I have to mention that it is over 34 years since I pushed a pram for any distance and I forgot how tiring it is on the arms)  I also took a bottle of water and a collapsible bowl so we could both have a drink.  Well, yes, I got some looks from passing motorists, but who cares. Benji was comfortable

John & Rene’s Toyota Camry which I am now  using.

On the subject of friends, a member of the church heard that I did not have a car so  she phoned another friend who telephoned me. She asked if it was correct that I did not have a car at the moment and wanted to know how I was getting about. I said either I was not or I  was by taxi. She said that they have a spare car and I was welcome to use it. I said it was ok and my own can should be back soon. I thought that was that until she  and her husband dropped off a Toyota Camry in my drive. They handed me the keys, said it was registered until June and I can bring it back when I no longer need it. So there we are, I  have a car- now  I can take Annabell out as needed. Just as well since I ended up at the Emergency Dept. at the hospital with her  last night. She was not a well girl – had another infection.

10 thoughts on “Cars, Dog Stroller and Cars.

  1. Oh goodness, I’m sorry Annabell was not well again! Hope she feels better by now! It’s nice to have friends who can help out!

    Glad you’re at least able to take Benji out in the stroller! Like you said – he doesn’t care as long as he’s with his person. 🥰


    1. We go back down to Adelaide next week to see how her treatment is progressing. Benji is back on his feet again and walking well. I think he just had a bad day, but he really enjoyed the experience – which is good.


  2. Yes, particularly when they are unexpected. The stroller will be good when Benji has a bad day. It means we can still get out – and he is quite comfortable sitting watching the world around him.


  3. It’s so frustrating when a repair takes longer than expected. It’s great that friends are letting you borrow their car until yours is fixed. I hope Annabell is feeling better! Love Benji in the stroller. I hope he doesn’t need it often. Tippy is 6 and is getting grey hair where she didn’t have it before. I really wish they had longer life spans.


  4. Yes, she is much better, thank you. Benji enjoyed the stroller but he is back to walking again. I will have to go and see the car owner tomorrow and have a talk with them. I do not believe my car will be ready anytime soon and I need to take Annabell to Adelaide next week. I shall have to ask them if I can take the car out of town.


  5. Wow, what great friends to loan their car! Hopefully you’ll get your own vehicle back soon fully repairs and running top notch. You’re beginning autumn and we’re more toward spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Hopefully we’ll both get welcomed weather. Ear scritches for my favorite Down Under Pooch. I love that you’re taking him out in the pram. Dogs love the stimulation even if they can’t walk long distances and think it’s great they are able to enjoy life still. Good on you!


  6. Yes it was very kind of them but I think I must impose on their generosity and ask them to let me take the car to Adelaide. I went to see the repair people yesterday and the autoelectrican has been off sick and nothing much has been done on my car. It may be some time before it’s returned. I have to take Annabell to the clinic next week. Benji loved the stroller but he is back on his feet and walking quite well, but the stroller is there if we need it again. I’ll give him his ear scritches, thank you.


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