Not a good day.

This morning on our daily walk Benji was attacked by a much larger dog. When we are out walking at 06:30 and I see people approach me with a dog, I will move with Benji off the pavement on to the roadway and give the people with the dog room  to pass freely. I also do the same for  Joggers. That is what I  did this morning when I saw the girl with the Alsatian walking towards us. I took Benji off the pavement and on to the road allowing free passage. As they  drew close her dog started growling and  fighting to  break free and the girl was struggling with it. Sadly the dog broke the harness and before anyone could react she attacked Benji. (yes I did find out that it was a ‘she’.)  We managed to get the  dog off Benji and she used  what was left of the leash and tied it to the dog collar. Apart from being wet he seemed to be okay and I ran my hands along his  back and sides and he seemed none the worse for ware. He seemed ok and I was too much concerned to notice that my right hand was streaked with blood. He let me touch him without a mummer so I assumed that he was ok, but I lifted him on my shoulder and the girl got on her way – crying by the way!  I stayed where I was and let her get a fair bit away before I abandoned the walk and headed for home. By the time I walked home with him the adrenalin  in him had calmed down and he was starting to feel the pain. In the house I put him down, and,  with the lights on, I saw the blood on my hands for the first time. I tried to touch Benji and he snapped at me. I knew then something was wrong.

This is the Easter long weekend here and most things are closed down until Tuesday, but I called my vet’s after hours number, got through and explained what had happened. He said he would be at the clinic in 20 minutes and I was to meet him there. He opened the clinic for me and treated Benji. First thing was to shave the areas of the wounds  and having done that, gave him a pain killer injection. We let him calm down for a bit then  washed the wounds with a saline solution. Anyway, he is home here and I have antibiotics to give him and to clean the wound several times each day with a saline solution. Also to keep a close eye on the wounds and if there is any swelling or if they start weeping  I have to

Nice and peaceful on a happier day.

call and take him back to the clinic immediately.

So, that’s been my morning thus far. Benji is very quiet and he is here by my side. He is so quiet and subdued. Just looking at his wounds I feel so bad for him and for me. It looks as if I shall be walking on my own for a little while, which will give me time to work out a new route. “Brainwave”   I just thought in a few days I can take him out again and use the dog stroller, but I will work out a different route – not that there is much to choose from.

On the news this morning a vehicle was stopped  by the police. The female driver was breath tested and blew six times the legal limit. On checking,  the police discovered that the woman had never owned a license. The  car was impounded for a month, she was fined and she was banned for holding a  license for 12 months. Goodness but we know how to sort out those  law breakers. South Australia is still living in the days when a talking to by a Judge and you  never broke the law again.

I went out to the store for some things for Annabell. When I got back home, unlocked the door and walked in, Benji was there, tail going and waiting for me. What a boy!

12 thoughts on “Not a good day.

  1. Oh, poor Benji! And poor you! I’m glad Benji is recovering well from the incident! And I can relate to the girl being upset as well. Several years ago my sweet Callie got away from me at the park and scared a poor little pup. The owner was quite sympathetic with me as I was in tears as well. No harm was done to dogs or humans, but I was mortified. Give Benji a kiss and ear or belly rub from me when he is feeling up to it.


    1. Thank you. He is coming on well and we are out walking again – only in a different route. We finished the antibiotics this morning so I have made an appointment with the Vet as a follow-up this afternoon. He is well and he likes ear scratches :o)


  2. I’m so sorry that Benji was attacked. That had to be really scary for everyone involved. I hope he heals quickly! Sounds like he is feeling better already.


    1. He is still very subdued but he seems to be recovering well. I am washing the wounds out with a saline solution and giving him the anti-biotic medication in something tasty. He is spending much of the day in bed, which is good.

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  3. Such horrible news-so sorry to hear sweet Benji was attacked. Please give him such extra ear and belly rubs from me. Norman and Elsa send their best wishes for a full recovery. Elsa even said she’d track down the miscreant and give them the what-for, Ninja style.


    1. He is subdued but recovering slowly. I think we were fortunate in that the Vet opened the clinic for us and treated Benji and also that the wounds seem to be only surface wounds and nothing internally has been damaged. But we will still keep an eye on things for a while. We wont be going “walking” for a bit little while.

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  4. He has been treated by the vet and his wounds have been cleaned. As far as we are aware there is no internal damage and it is mainly surface. He was given a pain killer injection and an antibiotic one. I wash the wounds with a saline solution and give him an antibiotic tablet twice a day. We will keep an eye on him and watch out for any change in the area of the wounds. Other than that he is still very subdued and recovering.


  5. That’s so nice that the vet opened the clinic for Benji!! Poor pup!! I’m glad to hear that he’s feeling a little better.


    1. Thank you. He is still a bit quiet but he is recovering well. Actually, I had him out this morning but in the dog-stroller which I had for another dog. It went well and I think he enjoyed being wheeled about the place – all the sights and not the work :o)

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