The Sands of Time are sinking.

Over the last few days WordPress has crashed on me and I am unable to access anything. I am sitting here writing this without any confidence that I will be able to publish it. Annabell has been ill all week and I have been Chief Cook and Dishes Washer. I still take Benji out at 6am in the morning and we are generally back from the Wetlands about 6:45 and I try to leave and return as quietly as possible. I have set up a bed for her in the lounge so I can keep an eye on har and there is the close proximity to the kitchen.

I do not know what has happened to WordPress but I feel that my time with them is coming to an end. I think this is unfortunate and quite sad. I have gone down the route of shutting down, unpluging, leaving and then starting up again in the hope that things would reset, but sadly that failed to produce any results. None of the buttons are workingand I do not know where to go next other than the scrap heap. Everything was working fine only a few days ago although my last post was on Wednesday last and I have been attending to Annabell since then. It wont even let me add media. This is the second time I have written this post. I kind of lost the first one. I saw the vet on Friday and we have arranged fro Benji to go for Day Surgery on Thursday 26th. A few days after that in the stroller and we should start to see him walking again = — probably give him a good few days to recover.

Annabell is recovering and in a day or so she should be able to get out for a bit. She wanted to go out shopping today and I said no and that I would do the shopping – which I did. I know, I’m a bully…

9 thoughts on “The Sands of Time are sinking.

  1. it would be very sad to quit… although wp is a day-wrecker, you are in a state within 2 minutes when you try to write a post… all paws are crossed for thursday….


  2. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time with wp. While I’m not a fan of the block editor at all, I haven’t had all that much trouble with it since some of the app updates. Sorry Annabell hasn’t been feeling well but glad she’s starting to feel better.


    1. Slowly sorting the problems out – very slowly… Annabell is getting better from this present illness. We have the date for Adelaide and I will be taking her back to the clinin on 7th June


  3. I’m having issues with WordPress too, on my other blog. I can’t get the editor to load, so am unable to write a post. Since yours is working now, that gives me some hope. I’ll try logging out and back in and see what happens.

    Sorry to hear the Annabelle isn’t feeling well. Hope she feels better soon.


    1. A physical clearing of the browser seems to have worked but there is a downside that I didn’t know about, or at least never considered. When you clear the browser it not only clears junk it clears all your passwords — Major bumme! . Some of the sites are so old I can’t remember what the passwords were so I have to renew them. Annabell is starting to feel a lot better, thank you.

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