Doctors, Hospital and the District Court

Saturday 10th.

Over all it has been an interesting week – well for us it has. As you know we closed the church last Sunday because of new restrictions. As it turned out I spent much of Sunday at the hospital with Annabell.  The boys came over to see her in the evening so she spent a little time with our grandson. Monday we had an appointment with the Doctor . He decided that the safest course of action at the moment was to put Annabell on anti-biotics for a month and see if we can get on top of these UTIs. There was also another examination that Adelaide wanted completed so  Annabell’s doctor organised that to be done by one of the female doctors. Tuesday we saw the lady doctor but she was unable to  determine what was happening and the instructions from Adelaide were that if this could not be completed satisfactorily , then an ultra-scan needed to be done.. Hay-ho.. Wednesday – hospital for an ultra-scan. Now she had been told how much water she had to drink and I can verify that she did as instructed. We even brought a bottle of water with us in case. Too involved now…

It was completed and the results sent to her doctor and to Adelaide.   Also the Covid restrictions in South Australia were lifted effective immediately. There are still border restrictions but that does not effect us too much.. The white on the map are,  South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, all other states are locked out and our borders to them closed.  Thursday – already?? I’m sure yesterday was only Monday!! Anyway, Adelaide telephoned and informed us that they had had a meeting regarding Annabell’s case and it was decided  that since everything was stable, they would leave things as they are for the moment. However, the  Adelaide Clinic visits on the  20th and 21st are now cancelled and new instructions will be sent by letter but, unless anything changes, they plan to do a special procedure in September.   I had to telephone Adelaide and cancel the accommodation booking. For the third time in nine months Annabell has been summoned to do Jury Duty . For the third time, the doctor has sent a letter to the Sheriff informing him of Annabell’s medical  condition and referring to two previous letters regarding this and that she requires on-going Specialist treatment in Adelaide.

The end of the month is the Photography Group’s Photograph  Exhibition  and I am trying – in between everything else – to organise my photographs for that. I have five that I am reasonably happy with but I haven’t managed to get time to label them and  frame them. I need to get that done before this coming Wednesday — which is Bastille Day!  The frames are standard – everyone has the same frame so that people look at the photographs and not the frame they are in.  Sometimes I really believe that if it were not for my Filofax I would sink without trace. Annabell calls it  my “Brain” where I go – it comes with me.

It’s now Sunday am and this week just seems to have flown through and here we are, standing at the brink of a new week wondering how we got here so quickly. I hope this coming week will   be quieter than the week just gone. Indeed I have the feeling that after this  new week is over things may become very much quieter.


Connor and the Porkers in Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Benji has been doing well. We are still using the stroller but I get him out and walking for  part of the way around the district.  He walks until he starts to slow down and fade, so I put him back in the stroller for the remainder of the way. Otherwise he is still quite active around the house and the  garden and makes good use of his Dog Door. After this last week of being poked and prodded,  Annabell is not too bad. She is a bit tired but that’s to be expected.  Connor – hardly seems like four years since he was born..

4 thoughts on “Doctors, Hospital and the District Court

  1. Aww, your little Connor is too cute. And yes, it is hard to comprehend him being 4! Know I’m sending my most concentrated healing energy thoughts for Annabell. It can be frustrating when they can’t determine for sure what a problem might be. Guess that’s why they call it ‘practicing medicine.’ Stay well and good luck with your photography exhibit. Ear rubs for Master Benji.


    1. Thank you. They do know what the problem is but they are not prepared to do things “The Old Way” The Innovations team in Adelaide are working on a new method of treating her particular concern and it’s all so complicated and at times frustrating but I think we are moving forward. We will be three days in Adelaide come September and I have the feeling that that could well be “crunch time”. I certainly hope so.

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