Wetlands: Benji: Closed Church

Flinders Innovations Clinic

The modern way of thinking is that if something can be corrected or cured without the need to resort to major surgery, then that is what will happen. The major surgery then becomes a “fall-back:” option.  This is what Annabell is going through.  The Innovations Centre occupies a fairly new and large area in the Flinders Medical Centre..  It also,  has a very nice and well stocked cafeteria. When Annabell goes for her consultation and exam, I  go down there and wait for her. I let them know where I am and they bring her down to me Then we head back to the Lodge.

As you may know Benji was attacked by a large dog and required medical (Vet) attention.

Not  very long after that he jumped down from a chair and landed badly. We thought it was just a sprain because he was still walking and seemed to be in no pain. We expected that the sometimes limp would be gone in a short while. It was not, so an examination by the Vet showed that he had torn a ligament. I had to take Annabell to Adelaide and Flinders so Benji’s surgery was delayed. It was a couple of

weeks.  When we returned from Flinders I had some things to do with Annabell, so it was after that he underwent the surgery. With only a short break he has been in the stroller since after Easter, I have had him out a few times and walked with him, and when he has tired, lifted him and put him back in the stroller. However, he has been getting stronger and today was a great day.

It started off not too good. I was up and dressed as normal but he refused to move. No amount of cajoling would encourage him to move.. So I just went back to working on the computer and downloading the new Covid-19 Plan for the church and working through the implications of that.  I decided that I wanted to go for a walk,  so I got ready and I had no sooner reached the door than he was at my side. I thought “Oh now you want to go out” Anyway, out we went = harness on,  no stroller – and we walked a total of 2.17 miles and he was fine. I kept thinking that we would turn back any second now – any second now – but he kept on going and by the time we finished at home, we had covered 2.17 miles. and he never flinched. I was very impressed. Love my rascal so much. Between the two of them, Benji and Annabell,  I have been fairly busy since Easter.

Our borders remain closed to the other mainland states. Thus far South Australia has stayed clear of the new wave in

The Wetlands Island

NSW and Victoria. The church has been closed this week and I have the feeling that it will be closed until this outbreak in Victoria and NSW is contained. We have told the congregation ( by telephone) that we will let them know by Wednesday what is happening. However, with New South Wales recording 100 cases a day it is unlikely that there will be much change in restrictions for at least two weeks..

After yesterday I thought I would give the Wetlands a try and I drove  there  with Benji this morning  and I did not take the stroller.  We generally do two full rounds of the Wetlands but this morning with Benji walking and the rest of the AM gang delighted to see him walking, I cut it down to one and a half turns which was a total of 1.68 miles – which, to say the least, is impressive.  Not for me – but for Benji.!! He has really done well these last few days, so I think we can “retire” the stroller for a while.

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  1. Give him a rest day and use the stroller for our district walk this morning. John (son) put his car in for repair so he’s using mine to take him to work. No wetlands today.

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