Lockdown Continues


Arose at the usual time this morning to the sound of a strong wind and heavy rain.. That kind of put paid to the walk. It rained off and on for most of the morning and to add to the discomfort the wind was bitterly cold. I put the heaters on, Benji settled back down in his bed and I covered him with a blanket and I settled down dressed and with a steaming hot cup of coffee. We shared the heaters – Benji and me.  Later on in the morning we had to brave the wet and cold as I took Annabell to Westland (masks on) and the  SA Pathology for blood tests. That didn’t take long as the place was empty.  Some shopping in the Supermarket and then home. Not a very exciting day and it is unlikely that the rest of the week will be any different. Although, having said that I  have to say that since the  lockdown began the case cluster has increased from 6 infections to 14 infections. However, the Premier is optimistic that we should be able to come out of the lockdown in the seven days as planned.. The day, other than the trip to SA Pathology , has been spent at home. The wind has died down but it’s still raining and looks settled in for the night.

The rain increased in  ferocity overnight as did the wind with gusts of up to  120KPH in some places – fortunately not here. I think we

Oh what fun…..

had gusts of about 70KPH and not all that much flooding or damage. During the day there was not a lot that could be done outside and since the rain was intermittent walks were short between showers.  Today, (day 6) the sun is shining, there are clear blue skies and absolutely not a trace of the wild weather in

the last few days.  Lots of damage in Adelaide and surrounding areas, but not to much here.

We are now in Day 6 of the lockdown and the Premier has just announced that the Lockdown will be lifted at Midnight tomorrow – Tuesday – some of the restrictions will remain in place for at least a further week.  By the sound of things I don’t think we will be re-opening the church at the moment. As a small church, we do not have the  capacity to accommodate a 4  metre gap between people – and singing is still banned.

With all the running around  between hospitals, doctors,  driving to Adelaide and back, x-rays, scans and MRI,  I stuffed up ONE appointment  For some reason I  believed we had an appointment today at 10AM and I got ready for it. However there was a nagging at the back of my mind that something was not quite right, so at 08:30 I telephoned the clinic and found out that the appointment was for Next Monday 2nd August. That was bad and good – bad that I had made that mistake but good because it was an appointment for me  not Annabell. The Filofax wasn’t wrong –

The Swans at the Wetlands

I was. Anyway, no harm done but will be a lot more careful in future.

I have been walking Benji around the district, which has been good – when it wasn’t raining or blowing a gale –  but once the lockdown is lifted we should be able to get back to the wetlands on Wednesday and Thursday. I know it seems longer but really 2 turns around the Wetlands is actually less in terms of distance covered than the District walk we are doing. However the reason for changing to the wetlands was to get away from other dogs. But then I met  some lovely people and that has been great. I miss our 6am walks.

7 thoughts on “Lockdown Continues

    1. Our lockdown ends tonight but there will still be some hard rules in place for a week yet. Still things are not too bad here – not like other states.


  1. Yesterday was a lovely day – sun and clear blue skies. Today it’s cold with a high wind. No rain, just wind – not my favourite weather.


  2. Sorry I’m late commenting. Hope the weather is better and you’ll be able to take walks at the wetlands. Unfortunately we’re not smart enough to tamp down things and so the cases continue to increase. Though vaccinated, I go nowhere without a mask. Stay safe, warm and give my favorite down under pupster a nice belly rub from me.


    1. Weather is not too bad. The lockdown ended yesterday and I went down to the Wetlands with Benji only to find that many other people had the same idea and quite a few dogs.. So having caught up with the AM Group, for a quick chat, I came home and took Benji on a district walk. Masks now have to be worn at school by students and staff – the church remains closed for the time being – Masks are required at the shopping centre and in all shops. We have multi-millionaires (really) sending out letters to everyone claiming that there is no virus nor Covid-19 and it’s all a hoax. People are dying but not from any virus but from the injections that the governments are forcing on them.

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      1. They’re here too and it millionaires. What’s wrong with people? Saw an interview with a patient who had contracted the virus and when asked if he’d now get the vaccine and he replied no. 😳


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