I am still here – Just..

Apart from the odd Wednesday/Thursday submission, I have not really written much these last few weeks. The reason is simple, I have had to attend to Annabell. These last few

Part of the Hospital. The new extensions are behind that building.

weeks  have been  hectic and quite stressful with scans, x-rays, an MRI, medical appointments, telephone calls from Adelaide and second MRI. And if that was not enough I have to be in Adelaide  for a Church Conference. Normally I would put in an apology and stay home,  but this is the  AGM and we will be appointing who  does what for the next year and I really want to be involved in that. I want to make certain that we are involved and not overlooked and left out of things. Being over 460 klms from the centre of things can be a bit of a  problem at times. At the moment I am not keen on leaving Annabell but I will only be away for one night and I will let the boys know so they can look in on her or at least telephone her. July was one of the wettest months in the last 20 years.

Yes we did have a fair amount of rain up here, as I think I may have mentioned, , but nothing in comparison to what  the rainfall was like to the south of us – lower down the Eyre Peninsula and, of course, in Adelaide. Well, we did the second MRI and told that it was only marginal better than the first one. They could not get the slides they wanted because her system could not cope with the  dye that would be required to do this. But they  believe that between the two they  have enough to give them what they need. During this period Annabell’s computer was out of order.  So that was put into the Computer Centre for repair. I think it’s time Annabell  had a new computer, but she is used to having a tower and very few companies are making  towers these days. Those that  do make towers are  mainly for gaming machines. However, some are still available and when we are ready I will look for a new machine for her when we go down to Flinders Medical in September.

Annabell has a HP Tower

Officeworks in Adelaide have some towers so if that’s what she really wants that’s what I’ll get for her – I’m sure, since repairs are recent, we can hold out until September. In 12 days it will be the first day of Spring and already it has started to warm up a little bit. Still cold in the mornings and nights but the temperature in the last few days has been between 19C – 23C – today is the 23C. Still a bit on the cool side but warmer than it has been. It would be a lot nicer and more enjoyable if the wind would just go away for a few hours ( days would be better).


Looking out of the window, I can see Benji sunning himself on the “Moon Chair” and the pot plant flowers are looking quite colourful. Benji has been out a lot recently and any sun around and he’s in “his” chair. I have the garden swing – minus the canopy. The storm and the very high winds we had the other week caused the canopy to act as a sail and the wind during the night threw it up against the side of the garage and snapped the units that hold the canopy to the frame. Now I have a garden swing with no canopy. I will fix it this week sometime and attempt to make a new part to replace the broken part and get the canopy back in place. Not sure if I have the tools to do it but I’ll give it a try. A sure sign that Spring is almost upon us is the  widespread growth of Gazanias. Some consider them a pest but I like them for their

Bright colours

bright and very cheerful colours

7 thoughts on “I am still here – Just..

  1. Those Gazanias are favorites of mine too. So colorful and not very fussy in the garden. As you march toward spring, we are moving toward autumn which in my mind, can’t come soon enough. Still, temps are still in the 90F’s (32C) and it’s extremely dry. For the first time ever, the Colorado River has been declared having a water shortage with severe conditions for a good part of the Western US. The 10 year drought continues. We can only hope relief is on the way.

    Hope Annabell’s results are sufficient in her treatment. We have our paws crossed. LOVE the photo of Benji in his ‘chair.’ He looks pretty comfy surveying his kingdom from that spot. Stay well.

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  2. Benji looks quite content in his moon chair…good for him!

    I hope and am sending positive vibes for good results for all of Annabell’s tests and treatments. Ducky and Bogie send POTP and puppy kisses.

    Our weather hasn’t been too bad considering we’re in the southeast US. Normally we would be suffering with persistent miserable heat and humidity at this time of year. While some days feel like we’re walking around inside a sauna, it hasn’t been a constant 24/7 issue. We’ve gotten rain off and on, so at least we don’t have restrictions yet like the western part of the country.

    Good luck finding a tower computer for Annabell. The HP computer we bought for Sam three years ago is a mini tower. Of course, he hasn’t used it at all since insisting he HAD TO have one. But dementia is a sometimes relentless.

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    1. Thank you, Ducky and Bogie. Things have calmed down at bit and all seems to be well. I am working on the ” tower” thing and you never know what might transpire between now and September when we go down to Adelaide. She is quite taken by my new laptop — so — we’ll see…

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  3. Thank you – all is calm at the moment and the temperature climbed to 28c, but only for one day then back to 13-14c. We have just come back from our walk and Benji is curled up in his bed – it’s ok for some!

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