Mother Nature’s Hissy Fit.

I think they are some kind of lily

The rain in Spain, falls mainly on the plain;

The rain in Australia falls anywhere it pleases

Here we are – the second week of November and it’s still raining. The first week saw my driveway under three inches of water, it’s a bit more now and the back garden is not much better. Between the thunderstorms and the constant rain I think my brain is waterlogged. Benji and I have not been out much and it’s now been three days since we had our last morning walk. As I said before, the real problem with this weather is that it can make a person feel homesick. Anyway, it’s been like this all night and by the look of things , it will go on most of today as well. To be honest I have never it rain as much as it has done these last few weeks-

I really like the Jacaranda Trees

at least not up here – the Lower Eyre Peninsula yes, but not up here. My main rainwater tank is overflowing and the 100 litre. bin I  put under the overflow pipe to catch the water for use in  the garden, is also overflowing.  I have not been down to the wetlands and  I should imagine that the ponds are at capacity but I have seen the water pit  and that is  overflowing.  If this weather keeps up  then something will have to be done  about the water pit. All  that has been done thus far is to dig a channel from the top of  the pit out to the bush so the water clears – well, some of it anyway.

Annabell has been unwell this last week and I have had her  at the hospital, the doctor and for  tests. We are still waiting on the results of the tests. We have also been for  our second Vaccination and we have our Vaccination Certificates. I should have been heading off to Adelaide for the quarterly conference.       This, however, has been   postponed until next month. The son of   the Moderator died suddenly (aged 26) and given the  circumstances it was decided to hold things over until December.  At the moment  there is no indication of the date in December, I hope it does not clash with Annabell’s visit to Flinders. If that happens,  there will be no conference because I am not

Still my Happy Boy!

changing Annabell’s hospital date. Wow.. After raining all night and much of the morning it is 10:50  and the rain has stopped.  Perhaps she is having a “Breather”  before the next round.   It is now  11:39 and  “round 2”  begins .

As I suspected, the pit is overflowing. Benji and I went out for a quick drive to see what was happening around the place. After the pit I drove to the Wetlands and I must say that I saw the highest water level I have ever seen there. There is also flooding on the roads and one has to watch where one is driving  so that we don’t splash up and soak someone standing close.  It’s not illegal but it’s not very friendly either.

It is wet and it really is quite cold. The forecaster suggested that it is very much colder than it should be for this time of the month. When we were out in the car I saw that Benji was shivering a bit so I  got a blanket from the back seat and wrapped it around him. When we got back home I put on his jacket ( the one in the photograph) so he should be a tad warmer. Well, he is 11 YO now.

I”m not, but I will be shortly..

Email from Adelaide tells me that the Conference clashes with  Annabell’s visit to the Flinders Clinic, but it may be that it is on her “Rest Day” before we head for home, so, provided everything goes to plan I might just make the conference -which is ten minutes away from the Flinders Lodge an the Parade in Norwood.

5 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Hissy Fit.

  1. Keeping our fingers crossed the stars align for you to handle both Annabell’s appointment and your conference. Please let her know I’m thinking of her and sending loads of healing energy your way. Feel free to send the wet out way.


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