Another week -More Rain.

Get the sun whilst you can.

Monday and the start of a new week. Last week it rained almost  every day sometimes for hours on end.  Parts of  the state were flooded and some parts still are a week later. The upper parts of the state took a drenching and one family of four were trapped in a caravan as they were crossing the state. A satellite phone and food supplied were dropped to them by air, but considering the conditions it could be some time before a rescue operation is organised.  However, they are in no immediate danger. The last of  the present rain was Sunday Afternoon. Today being Monday,  there has been no rain

This morning on our walk between rain bands.

at all. In fact it has been a pleasant sunny  day. Tuesday was  warm and sunny and we were able to get out and about. Wednesday,  sunny and blowing a gale -wind never stopped the whole day. Wednesday night the rain started back again.  It’s now Friday afternoon and still raining. This morning we could not see the hills and the rain  started just before  we finished our walk but it was not too bad since we were almost at the house.

Woo MacHoo. There’s a bit of blue..

On Tuesday, since it was a good morning and Annabell was OK, I took Benji back to the Wetlands. It was an  interesting walk. Try to picture this —- Walk, walk ,walk –Hello John, How’s Annabell? discussion: Walk, walk ,walk –Hello John, How’s Annabell? discussion: Walk, walk ,walk–Hello John, How’s Annabell?  discussion. I did two tours of the ponds and the first tour was taken up with people asking me how Annabell  was. It’s really quite humbling to realise how well thought of she is.  Tuesday, as I said, was warm and sunny and it was on Tuesday that the photograph of Benji was snapped. Wednesday  the wind  fluctuated between strong and gale-force. I removed the canopy from the garden swing in case it was damaged, again.  It was damaged a month or so ago when the wind blew it against the garage wall and broke

Wetlands – Tuesday.

the units that hold the canopy on to the frame.  I had two new units made and I would prefer that they don’t get damaged or broken. The wind died away and Benji and I took advantage of that and went out for a walk. Just got in and the rain started.

The family -mum, dad and two children –  bogged down in the Simpson Desert, were rescued and brought out  by Helicopter. The Camper Van remains where it was bogged. It was quite a complicated rescue, requiring organising fuel stops, there and back.

Annabell has been fairly well but she does get tired and tends to sleep a lot. This is another reason why I don’t go to the Wetlands in the mornings – it would take me too long to get back in the event that she takes unwell and a visit to the A & E is required.  Locally, I could be back in five or six minutes. I really need to keep a watch on things before our visit to Flinders in a few weeks. Her Day Surgery is on Friday 10th December, conference is on the 11th – her rest day.  We are staying in Kent Town, which is only about seven or so minutes away from Norwood, where the conference is  held,  so provided everything is ok, I can nip along the road to the conference.

Saturday and no walk this morning. The rain started started back last night and it’s still going and by the look of things, will be going for some time.  I’m really over this wet weather and even when it stops raining there is not much you can do because everything is wet and damp and there

The Garden Swing Canopy pretending to be a sail

seems little point in bringing out chairs and cushions, just to put them away when the rain restarts.  In all the years I have been here, I have never seen it rain so much as it has recently. It’s quite depressing.   Interesting though – most of the people who a week or so ago, were cheerfully saying “oh we need this rain” are quite silent.  I agree that we need the rain, but really, this is overkill  :o)

3 thoughts on “Another week -More Rain.

  1. All our rain seems come in four-day-long events – sometimes downpours and other times light drizzles – and it does get rather depressing by the end of the second day. But, yes, we need the rain too, so I do my best to grin and bear it.

    Glad to read that Annabell is “fairly well”. Sending healing vibes and prayers that she continues to feel well. And kisses for Benji. He looks happy soaking up that sun!


  2. I absolutely loved that picture of the Wetlands with its amazing mirror finish on the water! So beautiful. You have rain galore and we’re drier than an old bone. *sigh Mother Nature needs to spread the joy across the planet. Have a nice weekend!


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