Annabell, Hospital and Benji

This is so true…..

Tuesday 7th. December (interesting date)   Annabell is recovering, although we still have not determined the cause of the seizure. She was seen by a Cardiologist today and over the next few days she will have some tests to determine what damage this may have caused to her heart.  The brain scan is problematic  because of the damage the diabetes has caused to her kidney, it could not withstand the  contrast that would be needed  for the brain scan to be effective. However, Mr. Alam (Cardiologist) should have the results of the ECG and the blood tests in a few days and then  decide with his team what  the treatment will be. I have been  at the hospital every day and evening but not tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be at home all day. As of midnight tonight because of the Covid outbreak in South Australia,  new rules come into effect, which is one visitor per patient, per day.  Connor wants to go visit his Gran so Andrew will take him tomorrow after day-care.  This means that I cannot visit. This is ok since it will allow me to get the house tidied up and take a wander to the shopping centre and get some shopping in.

I have notified Adelaide and Flinders Medical that she will not be down for the Day Surgery on Friday. They will reschedule early in the New Year. Likewise with the Flinders Lodge- accommodation cancelled. However, I did speak to the Lodge people and they have told me that when we are ready to come down, they will organise the accommodation for us. The people at Flinders Medical and at the Flinders Lodge did call and asked how Annabell was – so that was really kind of them.

Thursday;  Since the new rules are one visitor per patient per day, I did not go to  the hospital until after lunch – giving the doctors time to do their rounds.  I arrived at the hospital at about  12:30 and was told that Annabell was going for an ultra-sound and then she would  be able to go home -depending on the results. Between one thing and another and the doctors examining the results of the ultra- scan, then a few more tests, she was  discharged and I was able to take  her home. By now it was close to 5pm.

Annabell has always said that Benji is MY dog. My response has always been to insist that he loves his dog mummy, “which is why he sits at your feet when you are watchng TV and why after we go for our walk he wants to go into your room to check on you”.   Well, when I brought Annabell home, did he go gaga!  I have never seen him so excited! He ran around us, then around Annabell, the tail going to cause a hurricane and it became difficult to walk forward for a little while, I had to stop him from jumping up on her. I think he was pleased to see her home. I would go missing from time to time, but she was always there.  On the subject of missing, I am on extended Leave of Absence. I did not go to the conference yesterday but I did tender an apology and the reasons for that apology. Did I get a response? Sadly I don’t have those exciting kind of dreams!  As far as I am concerned, my job right at the moment is to look after Annabell.  Not sure….. but I think it’s part of the Job Description I agreed to.

Sunday: Everything today is quiet – of course, it is only 07:30 so I should expect it to be quiet. I did take Benji out at 6am after I checked in on Annabell. She was sleeping peacefully. She did not have such a great day yesterday but we  survived it all and ended the day  peacefully.  Today the temperature is to be around 34c, which is good after all the rain, high wind and cold of a  not so great Spring.  Still raining and flooding  in the Eastern States of  New South Wales and Victoria.

4 thoughts on “Annabell, Hospital and Benji

  1. Thank you for the pawsitive thoughts.. Annabell was quite taken aback by the greeting she got from Benji – he really was glad to have her home again. I mean, I was there every day and night to walk him and feed him, but I guess it’s not the same as having mum in the house. She’s recovering, slowly, but she is recovering and that’s the important thing.


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