6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

    1. Here in Australia we have letters and number — XYZ 123 – and as for the car wash – after two runs to Adelaide and local hospital visits in just over three weeks I just have not had time to get to the car wash, but I will —- soon :o) The car is Maroon – I’m sure it is………

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      1. We have the letter/number combo here too. As for car washing, dark hued cars are the exact reason I bought a white one. Minor spots don’t show up as much but on those days that have been slushy…well that’s been another story when it comes to dirt! When I was car shopping, I found a very fancy model but ended up passing because it was black. They look fabulous when they’re clean but with our spotty weather, those times are few and far between.


  1. Well, yes. I agree to that. My car looks great when it is clean but when it’s not – it shows up the dirt very quickly – and the car wash here is becoming quite expensive and as my son will tell you – not all that great – and he has a Black Ford Territory.


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