Adelaide, Dogs and New Lodge

Benji and Dougal at the Gardens

The results of the last test bode well for the future. I am sort of looking forward to going down to Adelaide in August. I may have a look  for the camera lens I was thinking about – but we will see how things are by then..  Tomorrow is Monday ( Again!)  and sometime during the course of the day Dougal will be going home. It’s been great having him here and he and Benji have always got on well. I will be sorry to see him go home.  I have a medical appointment in the morning so Annabell will stay at home and wait  in case Sam turns up early. I will call her after the appointment and if Dougal has been collected I’ll go home and collect Annabell and then to to the shopping centre.  Sam came about 9:30 so Annabell was able to get showered and ready and  we went out together, She sat in the waiting room whilst I saw the doctor and had the biopsy  done on my upper arm..  Monday – time to take the dogs out and I am not even dressed. Well, it is raining and has been since the noise woke me up over an hour ago. If it

Yes, well it’s been a long day.

were just Benji I would take the chance between showers since I would have rain gear on and Benji would be protected in the stroller. However, with Dougal here I decided to suspend the walks until tomorrow (Tuesday) and it;s just Benji and me. I might try and  sneak out on my own but the trouble is that Benji knows these things –  he’s not silly.

When Annabell and I go back down to Adelaide, I think it will be the last time we will be booked into the Finders Lodge. If we are down again after August ( possibly November/December) we will be booked into the new building in Greenhill Road. That will be interesting in itself – to be in the new Lodge. Of course,  there will be only one Cancer Lodge and

Benji in his chair when the sun came out for a little while.

both of the current lodges have been sold but have been leased back to the Cancer Council until the move to the new lodge takes place.  Interestingly this August visit is on a Tuesday rather than the normal Friday. This means that we will not be spending the weekend in Adelaide – which I suppoise is a good thing.  If we leave early enough I might get the opportunity to  drive out to Tea Tree Plaza Shopping Centre. There are some things that I would like and I can get them at TTP. Also want to go to the Spotlight store and get some things from their Stationary Dept.  Many people think of Spotlight as merely fabric, sewing and  household things but they do have a very good stationary section. I have included a photograph of the new Lodge under construction behind the old lodge.  Nearly completed and should be ready  when we go back down next time.

This weekend is the end of the quarter and  generally I would be compiling the stats for the  Assembly. However, we do not have a Commissioner and I don’t see it as my responsibility since I am no longer the  Commissioner to the Assembly.  Annabell does not want me to take it up again and I am not really all that keen to do so – thus it may prove to be a bit of a problem`.

There seems to have been a lot of rain in Adelaide recently yet up here it has been fairly plerasant – cold at times but  mainly dry with some sun during the day. Benji  has been quite lethargic these last few days but  he ius still eating well and sleeping perhaps more than he generally does. We still go out in the morning – that hasn’t changed nor does the  physical walk in the evening. Actually it has been very cold in the mornings and Benji is in the stroller but well rugged up. I had on heavy gloves and still my hands were cold when I was out this morning.  I am getting  just a tad miffed with the boy – he’s great at opening doors but not so good at closing them  :o)  I’ll have to show him hpw to close doors. Don’t see it happening, though…

New Lodge – not yet complete.

3 thoughts on “Adelaide, Dogs and New Lodge

  1. Glad the time with Dougal went well. Love hearing the news on Annabell. Here’s hoping the next trip goes well with no complications. Please give sweet Benji an extra ear rub for those cold mornings. Here we’re sweltering in mid 90ºF (35ºC) with single digit humidity and very little chance of rain but hope temps will become more temperate soon. Sigh.


    1. It has been raining a fair bit in Adelaide recently but very little up here. The occasional shower but that’s about it. However, it has been cold with the temp as low as -4c (28.4F) which is really quite cold here. I have to admit that I am really looking forward to spring then some heat in summer. I think the problem today is that we have been spoiled over the last few years with good summers and mild winters.

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