Adelaide and Back again.

Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Years ago I used to drive down to Adelaide in the morning, do what I had to do then drive home. I don’t do that anymore. One time coming back from a conference I dozed off  and I was fortunate that I simply wandered into the  grass verge and woke. No harm done to either me or the car, but it gave me a right  wake up call – forgive the pun – and since then I  do not go down and back on the same day – at least not if I am driving. I will do that if I am on a coach because it’s a five and a half hour journey ( 11 hours there and back) and I can always have a quiet nap. That’s what I did yesterday ( Wednesday) . I was  disappointed that I didn’t get the Laptop  where I wanted to get it – in my preferred store –  and I thought I was going to go home empty handed..  indeed, I felt that if I jumped in a taxi  I could make the coach terminal in time for the 12:30 coach home. Then I decided to check out another store and behold, they did have the laptop I wanted at the price I wanted and a special in store 15% discount for the EOFY Sale ( End of Financial Year). How good is that?  So, yes, I have a new laptop. I’ll have to set it up over the weekend.

Was “attacked” when I got home last night. You would think I had been away for a week the welcome Benji gave me. He is really looking well and he is

The Benji.

walking well. We went out  at 6am this morning( Thursday 17th)  and  two thirds in the stroller and the last third walking and he has little blue and red lights on his collar, which I bought for him in Adelaide. Because of other things recently, although we have been walking,  we have not been down to the wetlands. I will start taking him back there again after this weekend is over.

Annabell has been fairly well since we returned from Adelaide. I had to  take her to the hospital once with a new infection but otherwise she has been pretty good. As I said last post  new tests were done and we should have the results of those in a week or so. This will determine what happens next. She tends to feel the cold more so I bought her an electric throw blanket for her chair and that keeps her warm and comfortable. Otherwise she is good. Had there been any doubt I would not  have gone to Adelaide.

On Friday morning my son picked me up and I drove with him to Adelaide. Quite a number of years ago, during a medical test it was discovered that he had a spot on his brain. At the time his specialist said  he should not be too concerned and he told him that he, personally, had two spots on his brain. It could be something or it could be nothing but it has to be monitored. We shared the driving there

Well, that would depend on which one of them I choose.

and back. Going down we became part of the roadworks convoy on the Port Wakefield Road. That wasn’t too bad although  after we had cleared the  area it did slow down the driving somewhat. It is a 40 klm stretch of road and on the way back – late afternoon – the convoy was pretty big . There is a by-pass road but knowing me, if I took that I would probably end up somewhere in the Northern Territory. Still, we did get home  about 7:30, so it wasn’t too bad. Before dropping me off we went and picked up Connor.  Benji  was glad to see me. I think Annabell said “Hello” but I couldn’t be sure  :o)  Anyway, an interesting two days to be sure and setting up the new laptop was much easier than I had anticipated. The SSD is smaller than I wanted but it will do for the moment and  Solid State Drives are not very expensive.

Adelaide and back again !

It is not an offence to  lie to trace connection investigators – they are not police. However, the police and the state government are looking to see if there are legal ways that the person could be

My precious ( again)

charged for all the millions of dollars damage and the disruption to lives that this lie caused.     However, it was not all so serious. I said that I went  back to get bread and the shelves were empty. Panic buying had started. Anyway, I went back down early the following morning – now wearing a facemask –  and because of the  performance of some people, there were police officers inside and outside the supermarket. Whilst waiting I talked to one of the Officers. I told her that there was never a point in my life where I ever thought I would be standing talking to a police officer whilst I was wearing a black mask…. Life is definitely strange. We organised with John to come over Thursday, Friday and check in and feed Benji. All being well, we should be home mid afternoon Saturday.   Cannot say I am actually looking forward to the hospital visit but not for any reasons you might  think. The temperature on Friday and Saturday  are both going to be over 40c and I have to drive on  both days. Just as well I have a good A/C in the car.

Flinders Drive and the entrance to the Medical Center

After a number of conversations about the fact that the Flinders Medical Centre is  generally unknown to me and I have no idea where I am going and that the traffic in that area is very heavy, we decided to go down tomorrow (Thursday). If we leave it until Friday morning, all it would take is one setback  or traffic delay and  we could miss the appointment and goodness knows when we would get another. Specialists are not an easy group to pin down. I spoke to John and he is quite happy to come over after work on Thursday and look after and feed Benji. He will also take him for a short walk. Same on Friday and he will look in on him Saturday morning. As I said, it’s not the best solution but  I really feel  a kennel would be a lot for him to  cope with. I have an old shirt all prepared ( I wore it for a couple of days) and will set it down on his bed tomorrow morning.

The drive down to North Adelaide was quiet and uneventful. We stopped twice, once for a break and coffee and the other for fuel, arriving at just after 2pm. I got Annabell settled in then I went into the city to do some shopping. We had a quiet Thursday and in the morning the hospital telephoned ( they have my mobile (Cell Phone) number) and asked if we could come in earlier as they had two cancellations. We did that and the people, doctors, nurses and support staff at the Clinic were wonderful and could not do enough for Annabell. I was really impressed!  By now I suspect that most of you realize that Annabell has cancer.  However, the good news  is that it it is confined to one area – has not grown and has not spread.

Somebody was glad we were home.

That’s the first good part.. The second good part is that the cancer is in the lining of the womb and  the  specialists (Cancer & Gynecology) now feel that surgery  that was discussed  is not necessary. They have another choice and we (collectively) have decided to take that choice. It will mean  back and forth to Adelaide every three months for the next year.

Friday was not as bad as we had feared. It was hot but it did not reach the predicted 41c. Likewise Saturday, but I thought it best to get away early before the heat set in. I also have to say that I achieved a first for me – I drove from North Adelaide to home without a stop – just under 400 klms. Left North Adelaide with a full tank of fuel. John was still at the house when we arrived at 11:40 and he stayed for lunch. To say Benji was glad to see us is an understatement. It is now Monday and I still can’t move without him following me to make sure I am not escaping again  :o) And if he is not with me he is with Annabell, guarding her.