Fire, Floods – it’s a weird place!

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous  in 36 hours.
From the Sublime to the Ridiculous in 36 hours.

The temperature shot up to 44c again and is expected to stay high until the weekend. The dogs are  curled up asleep  under the air-conditioner. I said that I had gone into a stationery shop called Kikki.k to get some things for a friend but what I didn’t say is that I left my Scanda Filofax on the counter. They telephoned herself who contacted me on my mobile (cell) phone. I was  way too far away to be able to turn around so I asked her to contact them and ask if they would post it to me and I would pay the postage. They said they would and told her not to bother with the postage. I was very thankful that they were really good people and sent my Filofax back to me.

Even a mere five days without it was a trial since I use it for just about everything, and all the medical appointment dates for herself were in there. I always keep it close to me but I believe I know what happened. I had written what I needed to get  in my FF and I laid it down on the counter. When I got what I had asked for the assistant put it in a bag — and – I think she put it down on top of my Filofax and I lifted the bag but not the Filofax underneath it. Still, all good and I have it back again. I will not forget this when I go back to Adelaide in a few weeks. Kikki.K is a Swedish design stationery Shop. TeeHee – when herself took the call she thought the girl was saying “This is KKK” which sort of scared her a little  :o)

The heatwave broke last night and since about 1am we have had heavy and constant rain. Fortunately no thunder – just rain. I just hope all this is being repeated

Trying to save the Festival
Trying to save the Festival

across the gulf and if it persists it should bring relief to the firefighters at the Bangor blaze. It was still hot and sticky when I took the dogs out last night and even with the rain it will take a while for the place to cool down.  Well, that was nice, but it’s still hot and sticky and everything has dried up very quickly. The Bangor Fire is still not out but the rain did help to give the firefighters a slight break and gave them the opportunity to  strengthen containment lines.

Things, however, are different in Adelaide, which has just gone from record heat to record rain in 30 hours – and the rain is still falling. Sections of the city are impassable due to flooding. Yes it has hardly stopped here since it began two days ago. but it is much heavier in the lower areas of the  State – Adelaide and the metropolitan district. It has put the Adelaide Festival, this weekend, on alert and already some of the parklands, where the show is held, in under water, as the underground car park of St. Andrew’s Hospital.. Still, our floods are small scale in relation to the floods in London and other parts of England. But, it is still raining. It should be interesting when I take Chienne to the vet. this afternoon.

Chienne relaxing
Chienne relaxing

I have always meant to say, but forgot,  that our Vet.  is Mustafa Bozkurt who was born in Adapazari, Turkey. He was invited to be part of a movie being partly short here because of his Turkish background. The film, starring Russell Crowe, is called “The Water Diviner”and is being filmed in the far north of the State before it moves to complete filming in Turkey – the area close to Gallipoli.  It’s only a little to do with the battle, more of a father trying to find his sons after the battle.

OK – Just got back  from the vet and there is flooding on the roads – large puddles – but the rain was pounding down and at one point I really couldn’t see ahead of me and I simply put on my orange hazard lights – it was a bit scarey. Even herself said that she can’t remember ever seeing rain like this here. Neither can I. Made it back but Chienne was a scared little dog.

Parole, Fires and Roundabouts

So Schapelle Corby is to be released on parole. I have always believed in her innocence  and it may well be that I am just Naive, I really hope that I am not proven wrong. Since the very beginning I have always felt that she  was not guilty and that her father and brother had a lot to do with  this. For nine years now, she has been a feature on Australian News and Television and when she is released and the media frenzy dies down and moves on to its next target, I really hope  she will be allowed to serve out her parole in relative obscurity, but I guess there is little chance of that happening for a long time.

The Bangor fire broke containment lines and caused alarm and panic, but the tireless work of the Firefighters have brought the fire back under control and  within new containment lines being stregthened. What a strange place Ausralia is, one third burning, one third in severe drought and one third relatively normal – or at least what passes for normal in Western Australia, although to be fair, they do have the occasional  Severe Clyclone to contend with.

This is the "Younger" Man
This is the “Younger” Man

Adelaide people say that our little town is boring and I expect they have the truth of it – we don’t have a Nightclub Street where alcohol fuelled violence is a normal weekend event, we don’t have complete strangers walking up to other complete strangers and  “King” punching them for no apparent reason and causing serious injuries, we don’t have police pursuits  screaming through the streets, women can still walk the streets, with dogs or power walking or just walking home   and most damming of all, we have never had retards street racing through the town, running a red light and killing  a mother and her baby. Yes, I guess we are a bit of a bore, really. All we have is just high youth unemployment, high absenteeism from school,  break-ins to cars, vandalism and graffiti. Nothing much, really. But all that aside, the real major topic of conversation, in the local  press and on Facebook, is that we have a council which seems to have an obsession with roundabouts – it’s sticking them everywhere – like  ” Have roundabout plan – Will travel”  I mean it’s not as if they are significant, like the roundabouts at the main shopping centre, which directs the traffic from four major roads,  these are little piddly things.  Still, Adelaide has them everywhere so I suppose we should too. But how boring is that when traffic flow and roundabouts are the major topic of conversation?  It’s a worry :o)

not a well girl
not a well girl

I think my Ford is not a well girl. After passing the area of the fire on the way home from Adelaide at the weekend, she started jerking as if  there was an interruption to the fuel. Normally I woud have looked at the feul filter and changed that if necessary, but on this engine, I don’t think I have one and if I do everything is so sealed I have no idea where it might be- heck I can’t even find the air filter. I think I will have to send her for a service before I have to go back to Adelaide in a few weeks. Well, yes, she needs a bath, but that’s cosmetic, not internal.