There and back again !!

The drive down to Adelaide was partly cold, wet and miserable to start with but  by the time we were about halfway there, the sun came out, everything brightened up  and it was quite a pleasant  day. Parked in town and spent some time shopping.   I wanted to go to the camera shop at the Central Market but I think the old camera (which still takes good photographs) is now so old technology has passed it. Amazing how things can change in 10-15 years. I was not able to get anything  new – nor even pre-loved. Serves me right for buying a Sony all these years ago. The new camera is a Canon and I have yet to figure how to use all the bells and whistles and get the best out of it. I have bought a number of books and downloaded some things to the computer and I’ll see how I go with them. Booked into the hotel in North Adelaide and walked with John down to the

Yogi - Our friend's dog
Yogi – Our friend’s dog

Memorial Hospital. As I said the day brightened up so the walk down to the hospital was  fine. However,  during the time we were in the hospital things changed. His appointment lasted longer that was anticipated and by the time we got out of the hospital it was raining,  so the walk back was not so enjoyable. And that was the rain in for the rest of the night. I watched some television, did some things on the computer and  went to bed. When I rose in the morning, it was still raining.  It was a frustrating drive in that it was showers, sometimes heavy sometimes not so heavy, but windscreen wipers switched on – then off – then back on again.  Took John directly to the local hospital where he made a follow up appointment for an MRI then probably back to Adelaide again to  the Memorial Hospital

SummerBy the time I got home it was mid-afternoon and a short while later Jim brought Yogi over. He will be staying with us until they come back from Adelaide on Saturday.  Jim is taking his wife Fay down to the Breast Cancer Clinic.  Chienne was no problem. Yogi has been here several times before so she is fairly used to him.  I took them both out walking last night – all well rugged up for the cold.  Do you ever think that weather forecasters make information up as they go along? I distinctly remember the weather people warning us that it was going to be a cold, dry winter and to expect droughts. This would be followed by a hotter than normal summer.  Here we are, well into winter and thus far it’s been cold, wet and fairly miserable. Rain here and floods further up north and no sign of drought – Yet! Some places have had average rainfall some much more than average and not much of a sign that it is going to change any time soon.

Not far from where we lived were the ruins of an ancient castle. The castle was once a home of Mary, Queen of Scots and was owned by the Earls of Lennox. The Earl rebelled against King James IV and  the castle was partly destroyed by the canons brought over from Edinburgh. The present  castle dates from around the 15th century but  there is evidence of an 11th century structure.  The castle sits atop a hill and as children we went there to  sled and have snow fights. We used the South side of the hill to sled. The north side was a bit steeper but the south side ended in an area of flat land whereas the north side ended at the river. What brought this to mind was thinking about the long summer days and the concerts we put on as children. We all had something to do and sometimes we entertained the adults, who always encouraged us. Of course, all this was back in the “Middle Ages”when there were no mobile (cell) phones, no computers, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were still  at school, and – most importantly – no television.  I remember reading somewhere, that we were the last generation that went outside to play.

It’s all about the dogs

Anything goes wrong and I am up for big bucks. In order to accommodate a dog, I have moved my chair further away from the desk and moved the computer closer to the edge. Yes, I know, people type with dogs on their lap  all the time but for me it’s a new experience – and it’s not my dog. I have been looking after this little fellow  for  friends who have gone to Adelaide for medical treatment.  This is a dog that they adopted but it was a rescue dog who had been abused, chained up and left to fend for itself. It took a lot of work by the South Australian Dog Rescue to  look after him to the stage where he could be adopted. However, he is a very “clingy” dog and hates to be left on his own (Understandable) This was the reason they felt that he would not be put into boarding kennels and decided to ask me to look after him. For the last couple of weeks they have brought him over to get used to my dogs  Not the greatest success and at the moment it’s sort of “Armed Neutrality” – growling but not fighting.  This dog needs to be touched and to be very close to his human – hence him being on my lap. He will not look at my wife at all and was upset because I went out this morning. He is very affectionate but my two are ganging up on him.  I was out working in the garage for a while and decided to come back inside for coffee. I came to the back door and my two were standing guard at the back door and growling when he came near.  The little buggers were refusing to let the  visitor pass. Rather than have a confrontation, I took him  out the gate and had Annabell open the front door and brought him in that way.  Actually, I am , in an odd sort of way, quite proud of my two the way they worked together against what they saw as an intruder.  :o)

Anyway, that was his morning and afternoon and now the little fellow has gone home. Friends came back from Adelaide this afternoon and off he went back home – and I kind of miss him – even after only three days. At least the computer is back in a less precarious position – that’s always something. I took several photographs of the dog and for some unexplainable reason,  this program insists on setting them in  in a Landscape setting rather than a Portrait setting, which is annoying. And yes, I have resized them, cropped them and I open them and they are nice portrait, but when I try to insert one on here it reverts to landscape.  I  guess you can take it  that I am not the world’s greatest photographer – more a point and shoot kind of person.