Injections, Storms Wildlife and Sunsets

Saturday 2nd March:

Sunset at the far end of town

Today we  went to see the diabetics educator and learned how to do injections. For me it was very simple. Why? Well the  new insulin injection system is very similar to the operation of an EpiPen., so I didn’t find it difficult. As part of the Red Cross First Aid Course, the use of EpiPens were included. Actually Annabell found it quite easy to use and she was able to administer the insulin without  a problem. All in we were about an hour and a quarter with the nurse. On Friday there was a telephone call from the insurance company to let me know that they have received the photographs and the report from the repair  garage but they would like their own assessor to come and have a look and make the final decision. Once that is completed I should hope that things will be settled fairly quickly. I have had a look and there are a couple of cars that caught my eye. We’ll see what happens after Tuesday.

Annabell has another infection so I have had her up at the hospital. She is now on another course of antibiotics and I will make an appointment for her with our own doctor in the morning and see what he has to say. She is not having a good run of things at the moment. The assessor should be here sometime tomorrow (Tuesday) They did say that they will try and get here in the morning.

I remember we did a course some years ago that  suggested that once we set our minds to something we start to see representations of  what we have set our minds on in many places. For example, if we buy a red car,  in order to justify our decision in our subconscious mind,  we start to see red cars around us – something we have never really noticed before. It proves to  us that red cars are very popular thus we made the right decision.  It used to be called the “Baader – Meinhof Phenomenon  although these days it is called “frequency illusion” I mention this because I have been looking at a replacement car and the one I was giving thought to was coloured blue. Thus I am seeing a frequency of blue cars.  I am amused by this and I was going to put LOL, but I am informed that LOL is now out of fashion so I don’t know what to put anymore..

We had a bit of a storm last night – lightening for four minutes – couple of peals of thunder – rain for about three minutes – been the scariest five minutes this entire week. This morning (Tuesday)

Tanks fa lot…

the Insurance Assessor came and took photographs and examined the car.  He will write it off, but I  can keep the car. However, it cannot repaired and I will have to arrange for the wreckers to come and take it away – or  not, but once the registration expires next week, I can no longer register it, so,  between that and the  massive storm, it’s been a really  interesting week.

The army with their tanks, artillery and armoured vehicles are here in Cultana for “live fire” exercises. I think they are only here for a couple of weeks, so we probably wont see much of them.

However, I did see  army trucks with tanks on the back on the way north as I was travelling to Adelaide on Thursday.  The two boys ( John & Andrew) are off to some music festival in Melbourne. Andrew is staying in Melbourne for a few days but John is heading back. He has asked me to go down to Adelaide, pick him up and bring him back home. I said I would. Couple of things I need at David Jones, so it works in well. That’s why I was not too bothered about doing any shopping this trip and just came directly home.

We are still having Kangaroos and Emus wandering around this top end of town. The City Council and the Wildlife people have asked us not to feed the Emus nor the Kangaroos, because it

Burns wrote “A rose-bud by my early walk”. I wonder what he would have made of this.

will get them used to being fed and watered and they will come to rely on it and be aggressive if they don’t get what they  expect. Also if they are supplied with food and water, they will start to mate and that could cause problems  farther down the line. Well, you try to do the right thing and it’s wrong, but no matter, I will still leave out the water. I know, I’m an environmental vandal, what more can I say.

Spys, Thunderstorms and Chienne

It's warmer outside.
It’s warmer outside.

For quite a few years I have been “associated” with a group because of a mutual interest but I found that it was very much an “in-group” and if you were not  accepted by the in group, well you were just not accepted. So I decided that I would give up talking in the group but still be a kind of a part of it because a lot of the content really did interest me.  A few days ago I decided to “talk” I thought I would be like John le Carre “The Spy who came in from the cold”. However, here’s the thing, I discovered that it was colder in the inside than it was on the outside, which I found quite disappointing.

I am heading off to Adelaide on Sunday afternoon for a clinical appointment on Monday morning. Again it means an overnight stay but at least  we will be home  late Monday afternoon. I say late because depending on how long we are at the clinic, I would like to get some shopping done. I need some supplies for my Filofax – which I cannot get in this part of the world.

According to the weather forecasters this little burst of spring weather will soon be over as we head towards a winter throwback and rain. Actually, they said rain and thunderstorms and that’s a worry, particularly if they creep up on us unannounced. There are supposed to be storms today yet as I look out of the window, the sky is clear and it looks like a nice day – although it is only 6:40am and the day is yet young. Chienne is very – and I mean very – afraid in thunder. Her sensitive hearing stresses her out something fierce and if we know ahead of time that there is a thunderstorm on the way ( her hearing usually tells us long before it gets here) we can medicate her and keep her reasonably calm.  11am and it’s raining and heavy clouds. Will have to keep an eye on it – but I had words with her and she’s ok at the moment. However (now 7pm) it is raining heavily, there is a lot of lightening about, but not too much thunder as yet. I have given her some medication – half a tablet – and she is reasonably calm but I think it’s going to be a long night.

Samsung the noo 036
Like the song, “Me and my Teddy Bear, got no worries, got no care”

This month is a very busy month for the FRDS Support and I will be involved in a number of the fundraising activities – thankfully not all. But then I will miss one of the Big Events at the start of the month because I have to be in Adelaide again – four trips in five weeks – 3124 klm. just to Adelaide. No wonder my poor  Ford is feeling the strain.