Dogs, Pounds and Rescue.

This is my Main Man – the MalteseTerrorist!
“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”
    -Mark Twain

This is Australia and we have a Socialist Government. Actually we have two Socialist Governments, one State and one Federal and one is about as bad as the other because both love to pass legislation that takes the fun and excitement out of everything – except crime. We’re good with crime, we smack people on the wrist hand them lollies and give them suspended sentences. And for those of you in a more enlightened society where you send criminals to prison,  a suspended sentences is where the Judge tells you how naughty you have been, you look contrite and say you are sorry and the judge tells you she/he cannot be swayed by this  (and then is) so he has to make an example and sentences  you to three years – suspended. This means you walk from court free, even if you have been drag racing, crashed into another car and killed someone, you can still walk from court free on a suspended sentence.

I have two dogs a Foxy Lady and a Maltese Terrorist. The foxy Lady does not like going in the car – we do not know why, but the little man does and when he is in the car he likes nothing better than to curl  up on my lap and go to sleep. He is not a barking, head out of the window sort of dog, he just likes to be comfortable and comfortable is sleeping in daddy’s lap. Legislation says that this is illegal. All dogs must be restrained  or kept in a dog carrier when being transported. Tried both ( to obey the law, of course) and the dog carrier just upset him and the restraint, using the seat belt clip,  had me pulling the car off to the side of the road and getting out and  around to the other side and releasing him because he just about strangled himself trying to get across into my lap. Ok, I confess, I is a criminal – I breaks the law – I have an unrestrained dog in my car – a full size, dangerous, bite your head off, Maltese Terrorist. As you can see by the photograph, he is definitely dangerous.  The only time I restrain a dog is when I am transporting a dog down to Adelaide for the South Australian Dog Rescue.(SADR)

The sad thing about this place is that people just wont get their dogs desexed and let them have litters, which they then dump on the RSPCA. They can’t cope  so they go to the pound – which is a KILL pound. Ten days and then the animals are put to sleep. The  SADR rescue do  what they can and try to find the dogs new homes – mostly out of here, so when I am going down to the State Capital, I generally have a couple of passengers with me.  I remember taking one dog and told the SADR that ” if this dog gets Dognapped on the the journey, don’t blame me – he was such a lovely little fellow. It’s ok – he arrived safely to be handed over to his new mummy.

It’s a dog’s life.

Do you have to point that thing at me?

We have two dogs, which I sometimes refer to as my associates, or the assistant gardeners. The oldest, Chienna, we have had for ten years. We bought her when she was nine weeks old. Two years later we rescued a little Maltese and he has been with us ever since. When I refer to my dogs I generally tell people that I have a Foxy Lady and a Maltese Terrorist. We understood that Chienna was a Fox Terrier cross, but we’re not so sure about that, and neither is the Vet. Mannie, is, without doubt, a Maltese. I sometimes think I agree with General Charles de Gaulle ” The more people I meet the more I prefer my dogs” I agree with this only sometimes because I do meet a number of nice people.

My dogs are not spoiled (well perhaps just a tad!) but they are well fed and well looked after. Most evenings I take them out walking. Our house is only a stone throw away from the bush (wilderness area??) so generally we get to have our walk in relative quiet – me, the dogs, the birds and the accessional Kangaroo (Yes, honestly!) No, we don’t have them wandering down streets, but our house is on the very edge of the city and there is very little in the way of “civilisation” between us, and the next town,  some 110 klms away. I decided to put in the photograph taken earlier on this afternoon. This is the view only a few moments walk from the house.  Since I only seem to be able to put in two photographs I’ll post one of the little dog next time.

A few minutes walk from the house