I seriously dislike Blocks!

Seems about right.

I had already completed a post with over 800 words and several pictures but a malfunction in WordPress – or me – lost everything. It had gone back to blocks and I tried to get it and load again in Classic and lost everything. I  have no idea if this will survive. Anyway –  What I do remember from the lost post is that I  did recall on seeing an item in the news about a unit that is similar to a pacemaker only this unit is for the brain. Once activated it send signals to the brain and can reduce the trembling of hands as well as other aspects that are associated with Parkinson’s Disease. There was a demonstration on the news  and once activated the difference in the man’s hands and in his overall demeanor  was incredible. The reason I mentioned this was not really to highlight a breakthrough in Parkinson’s  but the fact that the Medical Scientists are looking further and feel with further investigation and development it could  be used to control and contain the effects of epilepsy. That would be some breakthrough.

Apart from a  few days here and there, we didn’t have much of a summer. However, this early weeks in Autumn  have been glorious, mild to warm and sunny – warm and sunny during the day, still warm in the early evening and cool to cold at night and in the morning. Yesterday Benji and I  went for a drive in the car out to Fitzgerald Bay and the Shingle Ridge, from there to the Lighthouse. From there we drove to the Foreshore – which was busy so we went to the Wetlands and had a good walk there. This was followed by Ice Cream , Vanilla for him and Almond for me ( but don’t tell  Annabell)

During the week  I attended a Memorial Service at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church. Brian, a member of St. Mark’s, was also a good friend to us when we needed help. He died last year but because of Covid-19  nothing could take place.  As of Midnight Tuesday  most of the restrictions in South Australia were lifted and, with some assistance, I have put all the pews back to their positions and removed the seating tags.

Had a telephone call from Flinders yesterday and  the reports from our last visit and not great but not bad. The cancer is still there but not moved nor enlarged. However, we will go back down to Adelaide in about six weeks and spend a few days there,   There will be an investigation of what is happening and  day surgery to replace the units. They will be left in place for six weeks and  if there is no progress  then they will consider chemotherapy.

The weather since the beginning of Autumn has been great – this is the weather that we should have had over summer. Yes we had a couple of heatwaves that lasted a few days each time, but other than that it was not all that great. This weather coupled with the Easter Holidays has people swarming to the beaches and

Part of the Shingle Ridge from the roadway.
The Lighthouse – again.

holiday spots. After church today (Friday) I made sure Annabell was ok then took Benji for a drive in the car. We had a great time and went to Fitzgerald Bay, the Shingle Ridge, the Lighthouse and back to  the Wetlands ( no ice cream) – a pretty busy afternoon and since we went much further along the coast road, this time, slightly different from last time. I drove to the end of the bitumen and  went on the gravel until I was able to turn around and head back. When I go out I always make sure I have my  phone with me. When the hands free speaker tells me I am “disconnected” I will turn back and get my phone. It does this about 100 yards away from the house and out of range. If Annabell were to call me I am only about 40 minutes away from home and can soon be back.

An Interesting week.

One of my beds.

Monday 22nd. April.  It rained for  quite a few hours from Saturday evening into  late Sunday afternoon. The rain has really not made all that much difference and we really need a lot more. I think, overall we received about 5-7 mil. – not a great amount. Certainly didn’t make much difference to the Wetlands. We had a bit of a “play date” this afternoon where we got to spend some time with Max, the Pug. Was both good and not so good. Started off well enough,  bit of sniffing and the like but all three walked well enough together – except Max is older and we had to stop a lot more and only went halfway round.  All of that was great the dogs were fine and  Jenifer ( his mum) was pleased. Only one dark spot was when  Benji jumped up on my lap and Max wanted to get up and Benji snapped at him. Other than that they were fine. Still no word about what’s happening with Dougal or if/when Sam is coming home. Today is 26 days since Dougal arrived.  I feel sorry for Benji and I don’t think I am being fair to him.   He was about four years  old when  I adopted him from the shelter and I am led to understand that  they were not  great four years. But now he is adopted, he has a home, a warm comfortable bed and food and a daddy who loves him. Then………… comes the WaWa and fifteen months later, she goes home and Benji has his  home back again. Then comes Yogi and after Yogi, Dougal. He has hardly had more than a few months of  having  his house and his toys and his daddy to himself. Now we have Max so he did get a bit miffed when Max wanted him to get off my lap so he could sit there. Benji is not an aggressive dog and perhaps today was his way of trying to tell me something. Over the next  little while, even as Dougal is here, I think I am going to give Benji a little extra attention.  As I said, Dougal has now been here, this time, for 26 days and he could be here for a while yet;  these two get on well enough but  I  think perhaps Benji is not getting as much attention as he should.

Friday 26th April.  I have been off line for the last week. My computer was hacked and  rather than  stuff about I  took it into the Computer tech and asked them to clean it. I also contacted the bank who asked me to destroy both  cards and  new cards with new numbers would be issued in due course.

Dougal – now gone back home.

It has been a difficult and concerning week but my computers were returned late this afternoon.  According to the Tech. there  was a few things on there that should not have been there but he didn’t elaborate and said that he has destroyed them  – he ran  several spyware and malware programs and was quite satisfied that the units were clean and could be returned to me.  The downside is that I have lost about seven or eight days worth of work, but the upside is that it could have been worse, much worse Yes it cost but I thought the cost was ‘reasonable”considering the work that he had done. Before we  parted  we talked about grandchildren ( he has three) and  showed each other photographs. What can I say – it’s a country town,,,  On  Thursday I attended the Anzac Day Dawn Service at the  Memorial Gates, and, since I can be lazy, I went to Maccas for breakfast rather than go home, cook something and perhaps disturb Annabell.  Later on that afternoon, Dougal went home, so Benji has his house all to himself again. However, I think Dougal will be back again for a little while since Ina is still in Adelaide.