Post storms and mining.

New Houses still going up.
New Houses still going up.

The place is slowly drying out. One Mall shop is still closed as repair work is being done, everyone else is back in business until the next belt of rain – whenever that may be. But it’s great – $56 Million upgrade and the roof leaks !!  The garden is drying out and once that happens -probably sometime today – I can start to clear up everything. I can do that in between packing and getting ready to head off to Mount Gambier (900k West). I will be away for four days. I will, of course. take my camera with me, the question is, should I also take the Tripod? Probably, if I have enough space. I’d like to take my dog with me so I can say I have at least one friend in the area.  I always liked that comment by Sean Connery in  “The Last Crusade”  – “My Boy, we are pilgrims in an unholy land”

I have been out and about this morning and everything is drying out fairly quickly. Once the rain finally stopped the flooding dissapated as the storm drains caught up. The mud at the far end of the street  is also drying out – but the ruts are nice. A new form of gardening perhaps?? Was awake at the crack of dawn this morning, got dressed and took Benji out walking for over an hour and a bit. I have extended our area so I roughly do about 12,000 steps a day, which is about 6 miles. Perhaps not a lot for some people, but a lot for me in a day.

Today (Sunday) everything is definately drying out – well, it would with the temperature at 36c. ( 96F)  The walks take place earlier in the morning ( to avoid the heat and the flies) and later in the evening ( oddly ehough to avoid the heat and the flies) Even so, I will have to start taking my belt with me –  a waist belt that has pockets for a plastic bowl and another for a water bottle and one for black bags.  It’s interesting in that he already equates various items of clothing with walks and if I go near them he thinks we are going out and generally speaking we are. We had a hotish 37c yesterday and a milder and cooler 26 today and everything is just about dried out. I spoke to John  over the weekend and he will come over each day I am away and take Benji out walking, so at least he will get some exercise.  The mining boom has just about gone “Boom” but new houses are still being built, however, not quite as many as there were six or eight months ago and some of these

Can't remember where I got this from.
Can’t remember where I got this from.

houses that were build are already up for sale.  With the current unemployment rate in Southg Australia ( the highest in Australia) I can see this increasing and the “for Sale” signs becoming more frequent that they already are. It is a very uncertain time not just in South Australia, but Australia in general since our State and Federal Governments have based their  budgets on the revenue from the mining and comodities boom – which is  just about finished.  Interesting times!!