Hoe, Hoe, Hoe

Looks dirty, untidy and cheap.

Yesterday afternoon I started clearing the bark away and within an hour so so I had filled the trailer. What surprised me was the small amount of space cleared in relation to filling a 6×4 trailer. With dump fees at $15 per trailer load, this is going to be quite expensive. I am now considering  the wisdom of doing the clearing myself and wonder if it will be just as cheap to get someone with a backhoe to come and do it for me. That being so, I have arranged for this to be done.  So what’s the deal about the bark? Well,  it’s not just bark that has fallen from trees,  this is pine bark chips that have been used as a ground cover. It’s cheap, no maintenance and looks good until the weather takes its toll and leaches all the colour out of it. Then it turns black and looks really dirty. It’s not something I would consider using.  In a small area it’s managable but this is in a good sized area and I think it really detracts from the house. I’ll edge the area off with treated  Pine Logs and  use a particular wood chip that has been treated not to lose its colour. It looks attractive  and  is created as a decorative feature. However at $90 per cubic metre it is not cheap. In the back section I will have the area slightly raised and plant Roses and in the centre, the bird bath. I think it will look quite good when it is finished.