Sunrise, Spiders and Flowers.

Sunrise this morning

It’s  been a good few days – no medical emergencies, no hospital visits, peaceful and quiet. Wet and windy at times but that’s fairly normal here.  However, I have still managed to get Benji out and about. This morning, for example, Benji and I were out at 6am. Quiet and peaceful with hardly a breath of wind. An absolutely brilliant sunrise.  Seven am and we were back home and by 8am we were in the middle of a thunderstorm – the first of three that came and went throughout the day. More are forecast for the next few days  I had a look at my plants outside and found a

Golden Orb Spider

creature with a web. I had no idea what it was since it was like no spider I had ever seen. Turns out it was a Golden Orb Spider. To be honest I had never even heard of it before. I did check up on it and they are common in rural areas and I realised that this was one of the plants I bought at the Arid Lands Botanic Garden. However, it is fairly harmless and a bite can cause temporary localised pain but it is not  toxic.

Also  on my walk this morning I had an unusual sight – a mother feeding her young.  I carry a plain Oat Bar in my pocket. Sometimes when I am out a magpie will land beside me and I will crush part of the bar and  let the magpie have it for breakfast. This does not happen every day. It did happen this morning and after the magpie

Another pot plant

started feeding what looked like a second magpie landed close to it yelping its head off. The first Magpie lifted some food walked over to the second one and fed it. It kept doing that all the time I was watching. Magpies mate for life and I believe this was either a mother still feeding its young, or a male feeding its partner. I told Annabell and she thinks it was the former, a mother feeding its young. It really was interesting to watch and it’s something I will look out for.

During the week I spent some time with Benji at the Ada Ryan Gardens. I

Not sure – seems the same.

remembered seeing a plant on  a post recently and I think we established it was a South African plant. Anyway, as I was wandering through the gardens I  came across what I think is the same plant. There was no identification but I’m sure  it is the same plant- if not then it is something very similar.

I really must commend the council and the gardeners at the Ada Ryan Gardens for the great job they are doing. The gardens are well looked after and cared for and really are a credit to the  work that the people do there.

Annabell has been good this last week and long may that continue. We have no hospital appointments until December. We were given a choice of two dates for day surgery – 10th December or  20th December.  Since we didn’t want to take the risk of being  “out of action” – so to speak – so close to Christmas,  we opted for the 10th. Depending on what they want to do at  the clinic, we could be another four days away, which was another reason for not going with the 20th.  Any reasonable luck we should drive down on the 9th,  day surgery on the 10th and drive home on the 11th or 12th.  Well,  that’s Plan A  :o)   Haven’t got a Plan B yet…..

Games, Betting Tips – and Bunnings.

David Gower
David Gower

One of the saddest things in Australian Sport took place this week – a Batsman playing for South Australia was hit with a Cricket Ball and was rushed to hospital where he died two days later. No doubt, when the dust settles and the period of grief in the International Cricket World has run its course, there will be an full analysis and investigation. I suspect that much of it will revolve around the standard – or lack thereof – of protective helmets but it will be interesting to see if the Australia obsession  with speed and bounce will come under scrutiny. I doubt it and if anyone does mention it,  they will be ignored because speed and bounce wins games. When Australia was on the receiving end of this they turned it in to “Folklore”and anti-English sentiment –  The Devil himself would have been more welcome than Jardine or Larwood. It was called “Bodyline” and in this day and age we have gone far beyond that and although Larwood was the fastest bowler of the day, modern bowlers are trained and taught and work to achieve speeds that Larwood never even dreamed of in 1938. Current speeds are  up to 102 miles per hour and the best Larwood ever achieved was believed to be 80 miles per hour. Commentary is not how well the bowler bowled but what speed he bowled at.   But it must be said that Australia is not alone in this obsession with speed and bounce and regrettably it has become endemic.   Larwood did settle in Australia in 1950 after his cricket career was over and was warmly welcomed by the people. Cricket is a game that once  had gentlemanly traditions, but commercialization of the game has subsequently tended to elevate the principle of “win at all costs” above traditional ideals of  sportsmanship. Feed the masses – “Bread and Circuses”   Once you got match commentary – now you get commentary and betting tips.

Ready to go.
Ready to go.

Today  is the Christmas Pageant and we are running a fundraising for the RFDS at the “After Pageant Fair”. As I recall, we did fairly well at the Fair last year. We have another fundraising event on Sunday, but I wont be doing that. Like other groups in South Australia we are running out of volunteers. It’s the same people doing more and more and most of us are starting to get tired – well, I know I am, considering everything else in my life at the moment. Up early this morning and put the car out on the roadway so that I can get the RFDS Trailer out and Frank can get in and collect it sometime this morning. At the end of the day, it will be brought back here because this is where it’s stored.  I believe the Pageant was very good this year.  – I wouldn’t know since we never get to see it :o)

We had an exciting thunderstorm last night with a lashing of heavy rain. Chienne was medicated and The Man  slept through it all – as he generally does. Fortunately the weather for this coming weekend will be warm and sunny with no hint of rain. This will mean a fairly pleasant drive down to Adelaide and an equally pleasant drive home the following afternoon.  This is the last for the year and I have one more trip to make, but that is for  other reasons. However, once this weekend is over I hope to get back outside and get to work on  cleaning up the garden and finishing off some of these projects – that would be nice. My plan is to detour on the way  down to an area called  Parafield where there is a nice, big Bunnings store. It’s over 260 k away from here but it’s the nearest one there is.