The Sands of Time and a Crazy (Confused) Dog

Our Local Hospital

Tomorrow (Saturday)  my son and I along with another person will be running an RFDS fundraising event at a local hardware store:      We did this and I tell you it was the coldest I have ever been all winter – thus far. It was freezing cold down there with practically no shelter from a cold, biting  wind. I did have a jacket on but it was a light jacket and not a lot of help. Still we got through the day. Otherwise it has been a pretty quiet week.  Last week one of the coffee days was cancelled because of the lack of numbers and the evening group has also dropped in numbers – not quite as bad as the Wednesday morning group, but still down from when I set up this place for them coming here. I set out the room for seventeen ladies now there are only about 11 of them. This week  Annabell will be part of the missing number as she drops out for the two meetings. On Monday (tomorrow) I have to take her to hospital for 7am and she will undergo an eye operation.  It’s day surgery and she should be out in about three hours and I’ll take her

It’s all go around here today

home and watch over her for the rest of the day.  I was told  for at least 24 hours after the  surgery. I am also responsible for getting the drops into her eye three times a day. I was given instructions about washing hands before administrating the eye drops, use A bottle first – wait ten minutes, wash hands (in case I may have touched something)  and use the B bottle. I have to administer the first bottle for a week only and the second until finished. So, for the next week or so I am Chief Cook – and bottle washer, as well as being chauffeur, although  my driving duties are somewhat curtailed until such time as she can go out without dark glasses.

You gotta love the timing –  as I am in the process of re-decorating  and painting. I did stop painting for a few days whilst she recovered but I am back into it again and hope to have everything finished by this evening. True,  I get almost as much paint on me as I do on the walls, but  still, I find it enjoyable and therapeutic  with the added joy of pulling one end of the

At the Wetlands a few days ago

blue masking tape and watch it all fall off.    I know, I know – small things and all that  :o)  I did finish the painting this evening. cleared up and tidied up put things back together for the moment until everything has to be moved for the new floor covering to be laid.  Presently I am sitting in front of the computer with a coffee which I will sip quietly whilst contemplating Annabell”s  words to me – “You know the bathroom is looking a little jaded. Could do with a lick of paint”.

Nice Day.

I had come to the end but something happened this morning that I want to mention. Because of the painting I had taken Benji’s bed into my room and that’s where he slept these last few nights. Generally he  sleeps at my back so I felt a little bit abandoned. Anyway, I got up this morning and made ready to take him out. He didn’t want to go. Fair enough, it was a tad cold. Sat at the computer and after a few minutes he started pawing at me. I asked him if he wanted to go out – the ears came up and the tail wagged, so I took that as a yes and off we went. We walk some 1.75 miles in the early morning, come home and he has his after walk treat, then he heads to bed. He wandered over to the area where his bed generally is – no bed.. So I  took him through to my room  and he went into his bed. I left the room, he followed and went back to sniffing the area where his bed should be. I think there might have been some message in this so I went to the room (he followed) picked up his bed, brought it back to where  is should have been.  He had a sniff, jumped into his bed and promptly went to sleep. Perhaps it’s me! Perhaps I’m just a slow learner and should have realised that the bed should have been available right after he had taken his human for a walk.  It’s a worry.

A halt to progress

This is not the first time this has happened – in fact it is the third time. Once I can excuse, two I get interested and three I am positively irritated. I have, yet again, lost everything I have written over the last day or so. I had written about three hundred or so words then uploaded a photograph and everything I had written just vanished. I know I said that progress was halted because the hardware store does not have the treated pine edging that I need. It did have, but it’s run out and won’t get more in until next week sometime.  I did think of calling the hardware store in Port Augusta ( about 50 miles SE of here) but I might just as well wait until the supplies arrive here. It’s not as if I have nothing to keep me occupied. I cannot remember what else I wrote.  Today, (Saturday) I spent much of the day helping to run a fundraising barbecue on behalf of the Royal Flying Doctor Service. I am  Secretary of the  Whyalla Support Group. We didn’t do too badly and I think we cleared about $250.oo. Last year we donated just over $32,000.oo to Central Operations.  I am always amazed at the generosity of people, particularly where the RFDS is concerned. We are a vast continent and  there is no other way to get medical services to the inland regions. Some people don’t buy food but come over and make a donation. Others buy food, hand over a note ant tell us not to bother with the change. Tomorrow is Sunday and I am busy all day and on Monday I head off  to Adelaide.  I haven’t got a lot to do but since my son is going down I will come with him. He has company business  and he will drop me off at one of the malls and pick me up later in the afternoon. Should be a pleasant day out – approximately 500+  miles round trip.