Raining Still.

Storm Damage
Storm Damage

Well, we survived the first really Major rain storm of the season. Sadly, however, so did that  blooming stringy bark gum tree. I felt sure it would fall down – it’s half dead and hanging over the road – but no, it’s still there. If they work the same way as Adelaide we’ll have to wait until it falls down and kills or injures someone before anything gets done. The reason for that is simply if councils decide a tree is dangerous or dead and causing a hazard and decide to remove it, you can  bet with certainty  that there will be a protest group and demonstrations against the council and the workmen. Just about two years ago when we did feel the brunt of a serious storm, which caused some flooding and widespread damage, trees came down all over the town. Once the place had been cleared up and regenerated  the question arose on which trees to replace the  removed trees. The council looked over Australia and decided that it would plant Illawarra Flame Trees, ( from New South Wales) which were colorful and more suited to an urban environment than the Gum trees. Two of our council members organised a protest again the council using “exotic” trees instead of the trees that were native to this area. Thankfully we got the Flame Trees.  The storm Damage photograph shows part of the main road through town – Nicolson Avenue – both sides of the Avenue were blocked to traffic for a while. The good thing about the Flame Trees is that they will allow other things – like grass – to

Illawarra Flame Trees
Illawarra Flame Trees

grow alongside them. They don’t kill off everything around them the way Eucalyptus Trees do.

Taking the back down to the bare earth had  a few problems – it became a sea of mud during the rain storm, so everything is halted until the ground dries out. That means not moving the second shed for the time being. Perhaps by the weekend things will dry out.  However, there are two functions one church and one RFDS.  I have to attend the Church function but  son John is helping to run the RFDS function. The new concrete pathway is being laid out and the cars will no longer be able to access the  church grounds for at least a week. That should be fun!  Been raining off and on for most of the day. Managed to get out with Benji for a little while between rain showers. It was still raining but kind of spot raining rather than real rain so it wasn’t too bad.

Yes we are there somewhere..
Yes we are there somewhere..

Saturday:  Yes, well, so much for drying out at the weekend. If this rain keeps up I’ll go fishing or swimming out back. Yes it is Saturday and yes it is still raining. Not quite sure if this is merely a continuation of the original rain storm, or new rain.  Just before it started to get really dark yesterday ( about 3:30)  I took Benji out in the car and we went driving to various parts of the area and took photographs of the town shrouded in rain and mist. I also took a photograph of the storm drainage area, which is pretty full at the moment and probably today is in need of its own drainage area. I dare say the developer intends to finish off the drainage area and extend it to the  pipeline for the wetlands – in the fullness of time.

Have concerns that both functions for today might be canceled – well the Barbecue for the RFDS at any rate mainly because there is no shelter at Mitre 10 and although the function at the church is under cover ( in the hall) this continual heavy rain will probably deter a fair few people

Just Because//
Just Because

considering that they will have to walk in all the rain to get into the church since the grounds are blocked off to cars. Nipped down to see how the group were doing at the Barbecue at Mitre 10. Not all that good from what I saw. Just John and the team – no people despite the fact that Mitre 10 have a big sale on.

Storms, trees and a clean up.

A Man and His(?) Offic
A Man and His(?) Office

Some 10  months ago we had a storm which caused a lot of damage and a very high repair bill – mainly trees down , damaged wires, roads and houses. I was lucky in that we eacaped the damage out here. Well, we had another storm the other night and this time I was not quite so lucky.  Three trees or parts of trees came down and the place is a mess. The gum tree at the rear of the property came down and was on my Aviary and the neighbour’s garden – another one out back dropped several big branches and the tree in the front just simply broke in half. Rain, high winds and gusts of over 115kph. Most of the damage was done in the last storm so other places were not too badly off. I got it –  well probably because it was my turn :o).  I have done what I can and the boys are coming over at the weekend with a small tipping truck, gloves and muscle and between the three of us, we should get it down. Once we get it away from the neighbouring property, even if it is still on the aviary, I can cut it at leisure.storm

Anyway, the place is a mess and although I have managed to stack all the branches I can’t clean nor sweep up because although it’s not quite gusts of 110kph, it’s still a high wind and sweeping anything is pointless. I’m heading off to Adelaide in the morning, but I will be back Friday  evening so we should be ready to go on Saturday.

Had an excellent day in Adelaide on Thursday, although I did have to stop at the Tin Man for a while to give my hand a rest. It really has been bothering me this while back. I should go and see about it, and I will – in the fullness of time. I visited my usual haunts in the city and then headed out to one of the major shopping areas in the outskirts of Adelaide – Tea Tree Plaza. I bought a package of paddle-pop sticks for herself to use as stirrers. Can’t think why, she does very well without them  :o) Anyway,  there is a big Fair at Civic Park next Saturday 12th. and along with the paddle-pop sticks I also bought 300 paper coffee cups to go with the 200 she already has. The church Ladies Group will be providing coffee, tea and cakes for sale. And here’s the thing, I can’t help because—- well of course I’ll be in Adelaide, where else would I be?? I have the agenda for the conference and it looks like a lodgevery long meeting and they are already making arrangements for Lunch and Afternoon Tea,  at 3:40, which means I’ll be staying overnight  – at the  Lodge again – coming home Sunday instead of Saturday.