Hello and Welcome

I have no idea why I started this. I have been writing a sort of diary blog in My Space for a couple of years and struggled with it – never knowing what to write about and having found a topic being restricted in what I could do. I really don’t know if things will be better on here but I’m willing to give it a try.

It’s just over a year since we moved into this house and I am in in the process of renewing the gardens, front and back, so it seems to me that I can write and post pictures of what I am doing and how I tackle the tasks.  There are two doors at the back both of which lead out into a closed in area. One door is, of course, the laundry door and the other being a set of french doors that lead into the lounge. These have never been used. The outside closed in area has an alysnite roof and is covered in Shade-cloth. Protected from wind and weather I generally have breakfast out there with my dogs.

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