Monday is Washing Day!

There are three projects that are part of the upgrade. The shade house was the first, the crazy paving is the second and the front garden is the third. The reasons for the crazy paving area being next is to return the Hills Hoist to where it originally was. I moved it to the back of the house to give herself a better surface to walk on. However, as I said it really is too far away from the laundry door and difficult for her to carry the washing that distance. “Well, buy her a trolly, silly”  Actually, I did but she only uses it to rest the washing basket on once she has carried it out there or to leave it there for me lift the washing off and bring it in for her to sort. It is too light for her to have confidence in – if it should move away from her and she fell, it could be a disaster. Something with the weight and stability of a big shopping trolly would probably help.  Better I give her a flatter surface to walk on and one that is closer to where she needs it. And don’t blame me, I never built the original area.  In the photograph it might look flat and even, but believe me, it’s not. A glass or three of a good red and one could very easily trip.  The front garden project will be much easier – get a backhoe and driver and flatten the area to get rid of all that  awful bark stuff. Then I will take my time and rebuild that as I want it. I have already decided what I would like to do there and I will work on the plan I have in my mind.

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