Shadehouse Completed

Once I completed the rebuilding of the shade house I started to put plants in. Unfortunately after this I had to go to the State Capitol (Adelaide) for a few days and since the temperature was 40c+ and my good lady didn’t water the plants in the shade house (she watered everything else) I lost several of the plants. I thought I was lucky because for a couple of days I thought I was going to lose them all but I lost two Violets and a Fuchsia. Everything else survived. I was not too unhappy because it showed me what  I can and cannot do and what plants I need to  use to get some reasonable results. I now have pot plants of Geraniums and in ground I have lilies and Begonia. I also made a small herb garden and have Lettuce, Parsley, Mint, Basil, Oregano, a Capisum plant and a Chili Plant. These seem to be doing fairly well. Still it’s early days for them, so I will reserve judgement for the moment.

My next project is on hold until such time as I go back to Adelaide again and get the Artificial Grass that I want. Once I have that safely in the garage I will start to remodel the washing line area so that the surface is not uneven for herself to walk on. She has an even area but it is too far away from the laundry. I want to bring it closer to the  house for her so there is less distance for her to go and she will have a new even surface to walk on. She was not in the best of health  to begin with and being flown to Adelaide for three months of treatment for Golden Staph, didn’t help.

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