Monday is Washing Day!

The new Hoist in place.Been a sort of busy day. I finally cleared the remains of the cement block and have started to put the new Hills Hoist clothes line system into place. In the morning I will  clean the area out and cement it into place. Once it has time to cure and settle I’ll  start to bring in the river sand to  spread across the place and fill in all the nooks and crannies. I hope that it will present a smooth surface for herself to walk on.

Also tomorrow I’ll get stuck into the front again and hope I can get that finished by the weekend. Next week I can look at setting out the inside section and look for rose bushes;  clean up  and restore the birdbath. It would be nice to have some birds other than Magpies and Crested Pigeons.

I also spent some timeout front and laid down a few more sleepers before the light faded. I think I have about 16 of the 22 meters laid in, so it should be a cinch to finish the rest by the close of light tomorrow. I was out most of the afternoon with my boys, before one takes off up north again in the morning. I wanted a new bike so the boys Some people call them 'Top-Notch" pigeons.decided to get me a new bike this afternoon. In the mornings, when it is fairly quiet , I can go for a ride in this area until I get used to riding a bike again. Then I can start to go further afield and get adverterous – but not too adventurous yet.

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