Part 1 completed

First part completed

The center part is completed and the birdbath is back in place. I was intending to get the rest done today but the sand yard is fairly busy and does not have the transport to deliver the  coloured wood chips. However these are fairly light and although it will be bulky it should not be as hard as moving over a ton of blue granite by hand – hands which are like my poor body, bruised and battered. I was doing things the hard way, loading the granite onto a wheelbarrow and taking it to where I wanted it, dumbing it ,spreading it out, and repeating the process. As I got further over to the pathway  my turning circle was reduced and in delivering one load I  decided to attack the  the metal awning guide and cut my arm. Ok, that was cleaned upend plastered. I then decided that instead of walking forward I would go backward and move slightly to the left to miss the awning guide. Ok that worked and I missed the awning guide and tripped over the  water pipe and fell flat on my back. Well,  that was a surprise!!  I was not injured and apart from feeling like an idiot, I was ok, Just added another bruise to my collection. Anyway, it’s raining again today, so I’ll work in the carport  and I have some things I want to get done in the garage.  The weather forecast said “showers” but this is a very long time

The Bird bath returns

for a mere “shower”  I think the rain is on for the day. Possible a good thing because I think I need a bit of a break, although having got this far, I am anxious to see it finished. All that remains to be done is the delivery of the wood chips – that and spreading them out, of course.

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