Part 2 completed

Looks dirty, untidy and cheap.

I am glad to say that the two sections of the front and the centre section of the driveway are now completed. It was hard work and even although the wood chip was nowhere nearly as hard to move as the granite, it’s still constant turning and bending. I think I have  pulled something on my back but  the hard work is  done and I dare say my back will will settle down in the fullness of time.  The wood chips were delivered at 8:15 and I stared work right away. It took me most of the day to move them and spread the material out to a reasonable depth. I think I probably spread it slightly deeper than the sand yard calculated so I ran out of material. I put plastic sheeting over the granite  still in the trailer and rushed down to the sand yard to get more  wood to finish it off. I would have hated to have left that little bit unfinished until the weekend. I have used two photographs here, the first being how it looked and the second how it looks now.  I think there its  quite a difference and I am pleased with it. Perhaps not to everyone’s taste, but ok for me. At the two corners I may decide to put in Rose Bushes, but that’s a job for another day. I still have the two small side parts of the driveway to clean out and finish off but I need a break for a few days to give my poor back time to recover  from all that exertion I’ve put it through this last few days. Tomorrow, however, is ANZAC Day and a public holiday anyway so I  will have a bit of a rest anyway.

I went to the Dawn Service, as I do each year, and I was delighted to see such a very large turnout this year. It will probably increase leading up to the 100 Anniversary. It’s also good to see so many young people being involved and the youth of the town mount a dusk to dawn vigil at the Memorial until they are relived by the Honour Guard just before the commencement of the Dawn Service. 

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