Still raining

Be glad when he gets back from holidayI wonder if the weather forecaster will comment about the average June rainfall because we seem to have had more of our fair share – and june is only four days old. The same is happening across the border in the state of Victoria where that had a month’s rainfall in two days.  Part of  Victoria is now flooded. We don’t do floods here, but it does get wet. At the moment we have all three, wet, cold and miserable. Herself has had a washing out for three days now in the hope that we will get one  unwept day to dry it off. If not, I will have to take it to the  laundry for her. Why does she not use the drier? Well simple, we don’t have one. This is Australia, we are only a stone throw from the desert – we are not supposed to have this much rain – Adelaide yes, but not up here.  I offered to buy her one years ago and she refused. So, given the weather no bike rides, no dogs out and no work outside for a little while. But it can’t rain forever, can it??  At least I should think not – and the forecast is for cold mornings and nights but reasonable during the day about 14c dropping to -1 overnight.

It had been my intention to post this but a telephone call and a dash to Adelaide to attend a meeting put paid to that idea. The venue had been changed from a country area to the city of Adelaide a mere 370 kilometres away (800 k for the round trip, including driving in Adelaide). Can’t say I was very impressed but had to go. The weather, however, has not improved any – still cold, damp and generally  not great and Adelaide was no better. On Saturday morning it was freezing cold at the meeting- and the temperature was not all that great either :o) However at least the temperature improved as the day went on and it was a pleasant drive back home, getting in just before it started to get dark.

Today (Monday) I am happy to say that it is not raining. No not a drop of rain – although it is -2 and freezing cold. I went out for a bike ride as soon as it got light. Generally I do two tours of the area, which takes me about an hour or so. This morning I did one tour, decided I was being a masochist and came home for a hot drink. I think the frost on the grass and on the tops of parked cars was the deciding factor here. I just thought I would include a clip-art of the Sun. He’s away on holiday at the moment. Look forward to him coming back..

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