Winter Rains Continue

The Computer NerdIt has not been raining too much – mostly during the night and early mornings, then dull and overcast for much of the day. Apart from planting roses, I have not had a lot of time to do much in the garden. Other things have made demands on my time this week – over and above work.

I took the dogs out for a walk last night. It had been raining so the ground was a bit wet and there were a few puddles. I am not making any comments other than to say she delicately jumped over the puddles, he,  on the other hand, just walked right through them.

It is starting to get a bit on the cold side so I decided it was jacket time. I brought their jackets out and put them on. I saw that the little one was shivering a little – then again it could have been just his Shaker Syndrome – he has that, sadly, but not too badly. With him it is only light and, according to the vet, it is unlikely to increase. But we still keep an eye on him.

One of my roses is dead already – at least I think it is. It is one of the very first I planted out the front. I am not sure since the other two seem to be ok, so I will watch it. I don’t mind too much since there is still time to replace it and I had expected to lose some, but not the front ones. I took particular care with them. Still it might be ok, but time will tell. I will give it three weeks until the Standards arrive then if it still looks dead, I will remove it and replace it.  There is one out back that I am not too sure about but I have had that one for a while and decided to replant it from a pot to the ground, so there might be a little bit of trauma there. Hopefully it will recover. Others seem to be going along although it is difficult to tell at this stage.

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