Driveway lights, ladies groups and speeches

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The dogs have been inside  on their new beds for most of this week. The door remains open with the insect netting in place but they can move out and in as they wish. Last night  we were able to get out and take them for a walk.  My son was here so he took one and I took the other.  Went back to the Gym on Saturday – Monday and I still hurt  :o)

I need some outside electrical work done, so sometime during the course of the day, I will call an electrician and ask for someone to come and give me a quote and an approximate date. It’s not a lot but it means moving power points and me and electricity and really not good friends. Apart from which, it has to be done by a qualified electrician anyway- SA law. But my driveway is always in the dark and it gets difficult to see it at nighttime. This is what the ladies have been telling me and herself is not too impressed either because when she is out, one of the ladies will bring her back home but will not come into the driveway, so herself has to navigate the drive in the dark. Not good.  I want  the area lit, for herself and others.

The Electrician came over this afternoon and I told him what I wanted for both jobs. We’ve made a date two weeks from now and he will come over and get both jobs completed. I’ll be quite happy about that because it will mean that I can finally get rid of that horrible cupboard in the back. I couldn’t do so before because of the electrical points that are in there. Getting finally rid of that terrible cupboard will  be a happy day.

Well the Feds. have stabbed yet another leader in the back. They are really good at that. Socialist leaders don’t really have enemies – just friends that hate them.  But it’s a ” meet the new boss – same as the old boss” situation with a cringe  factor added  ” let’s get cooking with gas”  ‘ fair shake of the sauce bottle, mate”  ‘ we need to chill out here, mate’  are only three of the “matey” sayings he peppers his conversations with.

Well that’s the month over and things can get back to normal until the next time. I don’t know when Herself will be hosting the ladies group again – probably be quite a few months ’til they come back here again.  One of the ladies has asked me to write a speech for her  for a wedding – Mother of the Groom. Unusual, but that’s cool –  I’m on my second draft already  :o)

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