The Big Wet.

Some localised flooding.

I said recently that South Australia has developed as a metro-centric State and this has just been proved, yet again. The Magistrate Court and the District Court in the north (here) are to be closed down and all cases will now be heard in Adelaide. This means that witnesses, lawbreakers, police and, if it’s a trial by Jury, the jury members, if they are selected from here will have to move to Adelaide to attend court.. The law courts are up in arms because this move will  make the already backed up system even more backed up. Of course, having said that I really don’t have a lot of sympathy for an out of touch justice system in the first pace. This move will serve to make it even more remote and out of touch with the community it purports to serve.  There is also to be  1000 people cut from the District Nursing Service – a service where the nurse goes out to outlying areas to attends to the needs of the sick in their homes – follow up after surgery, birth, etc.  The  present Socialist  government is up to its collective eyes in debt, just like their pals in the Federal Government in Canberra. They – the Feds. took over government that had a surplus of 90 Billion and in a few short years have  managed to turn it into a debt of 310 billion. Spain, Italy, Ireland, Great Britain, Greece and Portugal have nothing to teach us.   I am always mindful of the words of the Late Margaret Thatcher ” The  trouble with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. Anyway, there are people much more qualified to comment on politics than me, so that’s it. But I have to say that The Man is concerned since the cost of dog food has risen.

Bit muddy, I think

Ok, at the risk of really cheesing someone off – it’s raining again. I say this because we have been informed that the highest june rainfall since records for this area started  (1901) was 74mm and for the first time in a century we have well exceeded that total. Heck it’s like being back in Scotland – cold, wet and miserable. This is not South Australia. Generally our winters are cold with the odd shower or three – but this has the  experts baffled because normal rainfall for a winter month in this area  is about 20mm.  All we need now is a really high wind and  we will have these gum trees falling down everywhere again. As it is, no personal damage, just water over the roads and medium strips along the centre of the road, and out here – mud.

3 thoughts on “The Big Wet.

    1. Trust me when I say that if I could send it to you I would. We have broken records that have stood for a century and the month is not over yet and already we have reached 110mm – well beyond the 74mm of 1901.


      1. Last summer we had ‘above average’ on the amount of rainfall. and it is expected to happen again this summer. What people don’t seem to remember is that it all came down in 1 day – seriously, it only rained 1 day last summer, and it was in September. Not so good….


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