Adelaide – again (1)


The trip down was again quiet and uneventful. However, there were to accidents on the way down, both in Adelaide  – one out at Bolivar and one further in towards the town. By the looks of things no one seems to have been injured. I managed to get everything I needed to get done. I did have a meeting with the  Moderator and we might be able to  have a good look at the rules and see what we can come up with and if we can find a way out of our dilemma. At the moment it seems unlikely and what is likely is not acceptable. I’ve generally been an advocate of ” it’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission” but this could have an impact on other people.

Shade-house New
My Shade-House. Empty at the moment.

My other reason for going down was to get Apple to have a look at my MacBook. It seems I have been instrumental in the  decline of my MacBook battery. The analysis showed that the battery was still in good condition but only operating at 89% and part of the decline has been me  keeping it attached to the mains all the time. Couple of things I might do, and I will attend to them when I go home.

Herself had a quiet day and I did call her a couple of times to make sure there was nothing she wanted whilst I was down here. It was interesting how well the dogs behaved when the electrical people were here. Chienne did bark a couple of times and I  calmed her down. The Man just carried on doing what he does best – sleeping.   The driveway is, as I said, looking good and well lit, so that’s a major improvement and sometime over the next day or so I’ll look for a good sized tool box for the other  area, once I have got into it and cleaned it out.

John has gone over and put the bins out for  his mum (mom) and  taken Chienne out for a  walk. When I phoned a little chabadwhile ago I told him just to stay there and he can come out to dinner with us tomorrow night.

Some interesting visitors in town this week – a sort of travelling advisory and information centre for Jewish People. The idea is that the van they are driving (more of a big mobile home really) is travelling around rural Australia to talk to Jewish people – perhaps only one or three – in the small towns of outback and rural Australia and who may feel isolated and unable to fully practice their faith. The  two young men are both from New York and it’s called Chabad of Rural Australia.   Always good to have interesting people in town.

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