Bullies and Babies

The babies relaxing on their daybeds.

Ok, going backwards here. The Federal Government has used its vast powers against farmers in the north of South Australia to take control of their land and they have used the term “National Interest” to force through Compulsory Purchases  and give the defence force a bigger play pen.  Not far from here the Feds took control of 20% of the farm land owned by the French family. They were given to understand that the remaining 80% they could continue to work. Then the Feds decided they wanted it all – the remaining 80% – but they wanted it, not for the National Interest, but to use as a bribe – to give it away to an Aboriginal Tribe  so the tribe wont launch a Land Rights claim against the Commonwealth for another part of the land  in another play pen. The French family went to the Federal Court and the Justices ruled that the  Actions of the Commonwealth were illegal. After eight years the French family thought they could now be relieved of the worry and stress and get on with  working their land.  In the dying hours ( honestly!!) of the time limit  set for an appeal the Feds struck,  launching an appeal against the Federal Court Decision. The French family,  a single small farming family  who have worked this land for generations – are now pitted against the wealthiest entity in the country – The Commonwealth of Australia – led by the highest ranking legal officer in the country  with the sole purpose of seizing control of  a parcel of land, not for national purposes, but to give as a bribe to a third party. Our  Federal Member of Parliament said the following –  ” The appeal by the Commonwealth is an act of bastardry and is more about department officials covering their backsides than anything else. It is an appalling precedent for our legal system, that the Commonwealth can confiscate your land, not to use for the national purpose, but to give to a third party as a bribe.”   I guess that makes it the biggest bully in the country..

All is calm, all is bright..

I think My Man tried to kill me today. Just as I was about to go outside, he decided he wanted to go out  as well and ran in front of me with his little circling run and if I had not had something to grab a hold of I might have fallen down the steps. Ok, so it’s only two steps but brickwork is hard to bang your head off irrespective of how many steps there are. He is one strange dog – bouts of very high energy followed by long – very long – rest and sleep.  Actually, I kind of envy him, really.

On the above photograph there is a “thing” on the ground outside the Dog House. Herself sewed up a kind of pillow which I packed with polystyrene  and we thought the Man could use that to help him get up on the bed easier. He seems to have a problem jumping up on things although, it does not stop him running around like a mad thing during his high energy bouts. Herself says I spoil the babies – I don’t agree  :o)

One thought on “Bullies and Babies

  1. Loving the segue from social injustice to k9 trippers! Government very bad, Pillows Mom made for the bow wows, awesome!


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