Bus trips and Thunder Shirts

Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall, Adelaide

This week has been a fairly quiet week. The conference in Adelaide was cancelled, but I still went down to Adelaide for the day. Last year I was to attend a Funeral in Adelaide and I wanted to go down and come back on the same day – something I will not do if I am driving. The only way to do this is go by coach – depending on the time of the event, of course.  As it turned out, the funeral for a number of reasons was  put back and I never went – at least not on that day. I still had a ticket and I had a year in which to use it. I decided to use it last Thursday and discovered why I do not like traveling on Stateliner Coaches. The trip down was not too bad – I slept part of the way and watched Despicable Me (again x3) on my laptop for the remainder of the trip. We left at 6am and arrived in town at 11:26.  I had a good day in town – relaxing – knowing that I wont have any meeting to attend whilst I am down here and thus have a leisurely wander.  I bought  Office 2013 with Publisher and have since installed  the program in the new “All-in-One”.

The trip back from Adelaide was something else. One gentleman was busy throwing up in the barf bags provided and  the nicest word I wish to use here is malodorous. I wish to be kind, he was quite elderly and somewhat unkempt. The children sitting on front of me  moved to the rear of the coach as did the man sitting opposite. As well that the coach was  almost empty. The seat was uncomfortable and I really didn’t have a pleasant trip home.  You might well be inclined to suggest that the Scotsman in me didn’t want to see the ticket expire, which it would have shortly. Anyway, did not have a good night and spent Friday, stiff and sore and regretting the journey. I have the last conference on 5th & 6th December and that should be it until February

Christmas in Rundle Mall
Christmas in Rundle Mall

The Thunder Shirt for Chienne arrived during the week. I was delighted with it – it was well made and  fitted Chienne like a well tailored glove. Let her get used to it then took her out in the car. Goodness me did she go off her rocker = screamed, whined, cried non-stop – just like always. Having the Thunder Shirt on didn’t make the slightest difference. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, but herself and I feel that her behaviour is probably so ingrained that it wont change now and the instructions did say that it may not work for all dogs but it will work for most. However, I will try it again when we next have a thunderstorm.  The Man is really starting to slow down and I had to carry him for a fair part of our walk last night. I really will have to keep a close eye on him. He is eating and has finished off his dinner most nights  as he does with his stick treat in the morning.

2 thoughts on “Bus trips and Thunder Shirts

  1. You might have to tighten the TS a little. It should fit pretty snug, and not like a sweater. After reading this particular blog entry, not missing the fact we can’t travel :)


  2. Giving it a rest for a few days then will try the TS again. Adelaide is 387 klms from here and there is only three ways to get there – drive; go by coach; or fly. Driving is my preferred option- coaches are malodorous – flying to much too expensive.


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