Adelaide and Christmas Shopping

I liked this.
I liked this.

I said that the Thunder Shirt seemed not to be working for Chienne and whilst this does appear to be the case, I am not prepared to give up just yet.  I will try and work with her for a little while longer and see if we  can achieve some results. Who knows, it may very well work when there is a thunderstorm and perhaps she is just one of these dogs who really does not like being in the car. With her sensitive hearing perhaps she hears something when the engine is running that we don’t and whatever that is upsets her. I am also beginning to  worry about The Man. Twice now, I have taken to the groom and he has curled up on the front seat on the way there. The return journey, after I pick him up, has been very different these last two visits. He has been really stressed and agitated, crying and whining and  I have had to clip him down in the car  for safety reasons. He has been all over me as soon as I walk into the groom. We have been taking him to Naomi for years and this is only a recent occurrence and I wonder if this could be associated with separation. The other reason is that we know his back legs are not so good and perhaps the standing and the way he has to be moved when being bathed and clipped may be hurting his back end. He was not too bad when I took them out walking in the early evening, although he did go into the sling for a little while.

He’s not daft, you know, and last night he discovered an unexpected benefit of the sling. Normally he goes in and keeps his head out so he can see the world

This is similar to what I have
This is similar to what I have

about him. Now, as you know I have complained about the continual wind these last few weeks, so last night he went into the sling and after a few minutes he pulled his head in and curled up and had a quick nap free from any wind. Chi went a bit gaga for a few minutes because he had vanished. I lifted him for a bit to let her know he was still with us  :o)  I’m still thinking about wheels if he gets any worse but I very much hope that’s a long way off. Oh, I should have mentioned that there actually is an advantage to the wind – keeps the flies away  :o)

I will be driving down to Adelaide in ten days and already I am doing the  things the Old Fellow in the Red Suit does – Making a list and checking it twice  – and making sure the list goes into my Filofax. Herself was surprised since she thought  we had agreed to change the date of the meetings. We have,  but since the meeting dates and venues are set at the AGM in February, the time, date and venue of this meeting will go ahead – unless, of course, they cancel it. It will then be the task of the AGM to set the times, dates and venues for 2014.  Either way, I will still drive down to Adelaide , do some Christmas Shopping in Rundle Mall  and stay overnight.  One thing you can be sure of is that one of the dates and venues will not be here.

Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Rundle Mall, Adelaide

Traveling to “The Badlands”  (that’s any place outside of the city limits) scares them. As I keep saying, the drawbacks in living in a One City State.

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