Specialists, high heat and driving again.

The entrance to the RAH
The entrance to the RAH

As I suspected the doctor wont do anything much until he gets the report from the Specialist. He did talk about sending her to see another  Specialist at the RAH –  This person is a Kidney Specialist and it is believed that the amount of drugs they  put into her system to fight the MRSA have compromised the kidney functions. But I’m not sure if this will point to why she in loosing blood.  These people are very difficult to get to see since they are all based in Adelaide. We have to go back to see her doctor in ten days – or earlier if he calls to say that the report is available.

I will be driving down to Adelaide on Friday morning in a predicted 38c and returning on Saturday afternoon predicted temperature of 41c.  Oh Joy! The forecast has gone up by 6 degrees since the start of the week. I have not, as yet booked my hotel, but I will take a chance and do it tonight. They are pretty understanding when I have had to cancel because the meeting has been cancelled, but since we have people coming over from Sydney cancellations are less frequent.

Australian footwear!!
Australian footwear!!

There are a couple of things I want to get done in Adelaide, not the least of which is to find a shoe repair shop and have them replace the press stud on my Filofax. I would get it done here, but we don’t have a shoe repair shop – sad, I know, but there you are. Many people in South Australia wear either thongs or sandals – mostly teenagers wear thongs and shoes are just foreign to them. The   Outback joke is – At a wedding, in the Outback, how can you tell which female is the bride?  Simple, she’s the one wearing the white thongs!  I have  included a photograph just so we are quite clear what I am talking about  :o)  Do I wear them -No I do not. I wear sandals about the house, but not outside, and I  generally wear Reebok  or black dress shoes. Apart from anything else, they are dangerous to wear when driving.

Took the dogs walking last night in the cool when the sun is going down and the flies are much less. I  was very pleased with the Man and he walked – slowly – the whole way. I wasn’t in any hurry, so I just let him set the pace. He did well, but sometimes here in the house he get a bit wobbly and falls over

Sleepy time.
Sleepy time.

but he just gets up and carries on.  In this heat, even at the end of the day,  Chienne has slowed down a bit so walks are  casual, leisurly affairs. Do not in the least envy people I see striding out with their dogs as if they were competing in a marathon.

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