An interesting week and a Survivor.

Part of the Wetlands today (Monday)

After  our shopping trip this morning, (Monday) I helped Annabell get things sorted out them took Benji off to the Wetlands. It has been very cold here these last two days and this morning Benji  didn’t want to get out of bed and go for a walk in the cold at 6am. With the temperature at -2,  I can’t say I blame him, so we didn’t go and stayed in the room with the heater on. By the time I took him to the Wetlands

Benji at the Wetlands

it was a bit warmer and he was quite happy to  go out. We had a good walk  around the wetlands – bit of a breeze and cool, but not too bad. The Kiosk is closed down for alterations but it should be up and running again shortly. The rain the other week has helped to make the wetlands look a bit more visually pleasing – as you can see – but we do need a lot more rain. In our walks recently there have been a lot of Kangaroos wandering about looking for water again. They have even been seen in Nicolson Avenue, which is a fairly busy road. At the moment it is a fairly mild day in that the last few days have been mornings of  – degrees while today (Tuesday)  was 4c,  still a bit on the cold side but ok for a morning walk. Benji and I will be out and about most of this week as we endeavor to keep out of Annabell’s way. This weekend in the Ladies Brunch, so she will be busy baking in the kitchen. Apart from keeping out of the way,  Benji and I will be ‘gofers’ and drive to the various shops to get anything she needs, if and when she needs it.

Went for a walk to the Wetlands this afternoon and  had coffee in the Kiosk with Jennifer, Milan and Max.   The usual sniffs but at least  Benji didn’t snarl at Max and we had a peaceful time with coffee and scones. The day was warm and sunny and 21c but I can see that already the water  is starting to evaporate. There is supposed to be some rain on Saturday – in nice time for the cuttlefish and the Cake Stall – will not interfere with what Annabell and the ladies at the Ladies brunch but it could interfere with both the RFDS events.

Rejoice with me!  Today is Friday – the end of the week – an entire week without a single hospital visit nor a doctor visit. Is that something  to rejoice about or what! Next week is different, and will include an ECG for her,  but we’ll deal with that when it’s next week. In the meantime, it’s been a good week.  Saturday and it’s all happening. It’s 6:30am today is the Cuttlefish diving, the RFDS Catering out there, the RFDS Cake Stall at the Hardware store and the Ladies Brunch — and —- it’s chucking it down. Isn’t that fun. It will be ok for the Cuttlefish Divers, they are going to get wet anyway, the ladies Brunch will be indoors, but the Cake Stall and the Cuttlefish Catering are currently at risk. Right at the moment I am being hassled  but I am not taking him walking in the heavy rain, so he can just go

The last surviving Mandevilla.

back to his bed for a bit;.

The rain faded away by about 7:30 and it turned out a fine day – almost. Everything went well, the Cuttlefish Catering, The  Cake Stall and the Ladies Brunch. The cuttlefish catering we wont know until  the  end of today and we get the two days  and the cake stall calculated. The Ladies Brunch was good but not as good as it has been. We think there was just too much on this weekend – something the ladies are going to have consider if they decide to continue next year. I did say almost a fine day since the rain came back about 3pm but only in the form of a few quick showers. Not enough to cause much concern. The Cake Stall had sold everything by 11:30 and they had nearly three full tables of home baking – and it all went.

Taken at 10am as the heavy, wet mist was  slowly clearing.

Tomorrow (Monday 1st July) is the AGM of the RFDS here and my last  time as Secretary. There is some doubt as to whether or not  the  Secretary Elect will  go forward to election but either way, I will not. The Secretary elect was elected as Secretary but not without some controversial maneuvering. Members of the “In Group” wanted their man to be Secretary but the  Coordinator from Central Operations in Adelaide who was chairing the meeting, ruled this as Out Of Order, since the person concerned was not at the meeting and therefore unable to agree or not to his election.   Oh, yes, and we were told at the meeting that the RFDS Jet, which was to make a visit to each of the areas, will not be coming. Central Operations decided to  send the Jet to the properties of each of the major corporate sponsors instead and since it is now in operation, there is not time for any regional visits.

Elections, MPs and visiting dogs.

out and about
out and about

Last week we had an election and to put it bluntly – it was a schnozzle. In order to govern – in South Australia –  a party must have 24 seats to give it a working majority. We ended up with  Labor 23 – Liberal 22 and Independents 2. There was still postal votes to count and the two party leaders were having talks with the independents. They couldn’t decide – then – one of them dropped a bomb by suddenly deciding that he was ill and went off on three month sick leave leaving the one  to decide on the future of the state government. He decided that he would support the Socialists and subject us to another four years of borrow and spend. Still, he got a Ministry and a few Dollars for his trouble so he’s happy. Now comes the problem of the Westminster System – 24 Labor, 22 Liberal 1 independent – the first order of business is to install a Speaker which should be from the government party – not always but usually. Liberal will refuse to supply a speaker which means the government must,  which then puts the  numbers at 23 Labor, 22 Liberal and 1  independent. These guys play games like the nice clowns they are,  thus if a government man/women  goes off, the opposition supplies a pair (one of their members who wont vote)  so that the balance of numbers is maintained, so in effect the opposition keeps the government in power whilst attacking it. Me, I have no such scruples, as leader of a party in that situation I would simply refuse to supply a pair ( this is a convention not a rule – a “gentleman’s agreement” ) which could and probably would lose crucial votes in the House and if the opposition forced a vote of no confidence it would, in turn,  force the government to call a new election. The system is very much open to abuse.  It is still

This is Izzy
This is Izzy

an active system in the UK Parliament and also in the US Congress.

Now, here’s a thing that gets me – and I am not intentionally insensitive  – but the independent underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and is now undergoing chemotherapy and cancer treatment and I cannot help but  think that he and his family knew about this before the election, but , three days after the election he goes off for four months and  maintains his full PMs salary  and benefits. If it transpires that he is not well enough to resume his seat then we will have the added expense of a by-election to elect a new member. I don’t know, am I being overly critical here?

You know I look at dogs in conditions of heavy snow and I sometimes wonder how my two would cope in that kind of weather, but I suppose as dogs do, they would quickly adapt. Probably better than we humans.

Some time ago i wrote that I had a lady in my driveway and I looked after her until the RSPCA came. I later found out that it was the next door dog. She is a digger and digs her way

Still open and wild
Still open and wild

out or under fences. Anyway she had been an almost constant visitor this last week and I have been looking after her until her owner gets home and tries to block up yet another hole. To try and relieve the pressure I have been taking the dog – her name is Izzy – out walking bring her back then taking my two out. And because she had been digging again she had to stay here until her owner came home. I have no idea what breed of dog she is but she is a very friendly dog. However, it seems he no longer lives next door but  has bought a house in another part of town. The fencing is still to go up and the place secured before he can move  his dog over there so he is  visiting her every  day on his way home from work – which is when I have seen him. He  says it will be another couple of weeks before the place is ready and he can move Izzy up there with him.  In the meantime, I’ll keep an eye out for her and take her for a walk. She’s no trouble so she is welcome here.

On Friday I head off to Adelaide again. I’ll be away for two days so we just have to hope that everything will be ok until I get back. I want to leave Adelaide at a reasonable time and get home in time to attend a Barbecue at my son’s place. My son and his partner bought this place about four months ago and they have decided they are settled enough in to have a House Warming Barbecue for

It's a hard life
It’s a hard life

family and friends. He was not too impressed when I said I have to be in Adelaide but I  should be able to get back at a reasonable time. I wont be hanging about because there is a Football match on in town and the place will be crowded, so I’ll by-pass the city for the weekend and stay out in the suburbs.