Adelaide, Home and a mini-reflection

Rundle Mall early evening

The drive to Adelaide was not too bad. The weather up in this little corner of the world was good, but  there was bands of rain and mist sweeping across from about Snowtown onward.  Annoying in that  you just switch on the wipers and then  within a minute switch them off again. Bright sun, then another band moves in and wipers on, then off, then….  until after Port Wakefield – about 100 klms. from Adelaide. I  spent much of Adelaide shopping and getting things for Annabell as well as  spending time in Bunnings for garden things and a new hammock. I also wanted to get  a  new canopy for the garden seat, but no luck there. I did buy one on line a while ago but Australian Garden seats  are smaller than a three seat and larger than a two seat – awkward – I may have to get one made. Friday is late night shopping in town and I like to wander through Rundle Mall. Surprisingly enough, it was not very busy although is was cold. From there I walked the half mile or so to the Central Market which was open until 9pm.  I didn’t do much at the market other than get some new cook books and a bag of mandarins,

Victoria Square, Adelaide

which I am fond of, but I did take what I thought was a  fairly reasonable shot of Victoria Square, which these days is well lit up. Before it was dull and dreary but in recent years Adelaide has started to look  much more interesting and welcoming at night – provided you don’t go wandering off the main areas. We still have a few problems in that regard and it’s still not a good idea to go wandering off on your own in less frequented areas – “safety in Numbers”still applies. One of the streets that was a major concern has mostly been “tamed” with most of the “nightclubs”having been moved on.

Built as a minesweeper and launched in 1942 HMAS Whyalla saw service mostly in the Pacific. She was one of 60 “Bathurst  Class” Minesweepers/ Corvettes and was awarded

HMAS Whyalla
Launched 1942

three Battle Honours for her service. She was decommissioned in 1947 and sold to the Victorian Government, renamed “Rip” and used as a Lighthouse supply ship  and various other civilian duties. In 1984 she was to be sold for scrap. HMAS Whyalla was the first ship built in the Whyalla Shipbuilding yard and rather then let it be scrapped and forgotten the Whyalla City Council negotiated with the Victorian Government to buy the ship. This was done and the ship was brought back to Whyalla with

a volunteer crew and under her own steam. She remained in the slipway until 1987 when she was -slowly- moved 2 kilms to her present landlocked position  as the centerpiece of the Whyalla Maritime Museum, which was opened in 1988. I have taken family and visitors to the Maritime Museum  but Annabell has stayed in the car or watched from the  ground – the stairs being too much for her. There are a number of seasonal things that attract people here not the least of which is the  diving to observe the giant cuttlefish. This has grown in size in the last few years and the RFDS (Whyalla) has been involved every year since it began. This year, this month, in fact,  it will be 40 years since Annabell and I, and the two boys moved to Australia. We had been married 10 years to the month when we left Scotland. Much has changed

Another View

“Could we start again, please?”

The moon in the morning

It’s been a kind of hectic time this last few weeks between getting ready for Christmas and organising fundraising events for the RFDS – the last one being on 23rd December. I was not able to help out at the Carols in the Park event because we were holding a Carol Service at the church at the same time.. Nor was I available for the Pageant. Still and all it was still hectic. Annabell was not the best and she was feeling a bit unwell, but she brightened up somewhat over the Christmas days – particularly Christmas Lunch with the family and, of course, the grandson. The boys organised Christmas Lunch this year. I  attended to the Watchnight Service on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day and we were at Andrew’s and as I said, Annabell was not too well, but for all that she had a good time with  her boys. She did well for gifts and we have always made a point of two sets of gifts and two sets on cards. Her birthday is on 24th December so we have always given her one card and one gift for her birthday and a card and gift for Christmas. We have always made certain she has never missed out and that the two things are always kept separate. On the subject of separate, I had a telephone call from a member of the congregation who  has offered to  take over as State Newsletter Correspondent. This is good and one less thing I have to be concerned with.

We were back home by 4:00 and as she was very tired I made her go and lay down for a few hours. I fed the dogs.  I didn’t take the dogs out as I didn’t want to leave her home alone – even for the hour it would take me to walk the dogs.  When she did wake up a few hours later she was feeling a little better, so I made her some tea and a sandwich. She has been a lot better today. Andrew was supposed to be on holiday this week, but he is still on call

Also, during the week I made a trip to Adelaide. There were some things I needed and wanted and could only be bought in Adelaide. I did, however, go through to Victoria Square

Part of Victoria Square

and took a photograph, or two , of part of the square. Victoria Square is quite large so I was only able to photograph a small part of it. The square started a $24 Million upgrade but after half was completed, the Adelaide City Council had funding issues and the rest will have to wait for the moment..

Sam and Ina ( Dougal’s people) are still in Adelaide. Sam,as I mentioned before, was quite ill and is still having a blood loss so it is unlikely we will see them back for a little while yet. Ina did telephone during the week to let us know what is happening. Dougal has now been with us for  five weeks. It doesn’t seem like that  and as things are we will have him for a little while longer. That’s ok – he’s fine – needs a haircut, but otherwise, fine. The weather has been hot to very hot with a fire ban declared throughout the area for the next few days- Tuesday 36c / Wednesday 41c / Thursday (today) 45c / Friday 46c and then down to the mid 30s for next week. Dogs out very early in the morning and late at night – if it’s not too hot during the day and by late I mean after 8pm.  There have been lots of Kangaroos around the place and this morning was no exception – all of them looking for water and food. I have a bucket of water out in the garden and I top it up every few days. I also  make sure the bird

Next stop – Cowell – 96 miles away and nothing in between.

bath also has water in it – although not today – today I was the “plant” that was watered as the fixture of the hose blew apart and I was soaked. Fortunately it was at the end of the walk. For those who have not seen it – this is my “back Yard”. Thousands of square miles of nothingness but wild animals and  saltbush. The photograph is looking West – north of us  are salt lakes and desert. I want to drive up there sometime but at the moment it is waaaay too hot.

One more week and things can start to get back to what passes for normal – a new week – a new year.  So until  I am back on line again, I wish everyone a Happy and Joyful New Year.

Have a great New Year.


Back from Adelaide again.

More Adelaide Porkers
More Adelaide Porkers
Some people call them 'Top-Notch" pigeons.
You invading my space, Bird.

Adelaide (second time) was fun. The aircraft was due to land at 20:15 so I got there a little bit early. Now, in Adelaide airport, all the shops and the eating places and the coffee shop are all upstairs and in order to get to them one must go through security. I had the great good fortune to get a Security Jerk. I have since found out that this is not unusual at Adelaide. Anyway, I was told to take any laptop or tablet out of my bag and place it / them and the bag in the white tray. This I did along with my phone but the alarm went off. I was asked to go back through and try again. I was asked if I had anything that could be setting off the alarm and I suggested that the steel belt buckle could be the problem. The girl examined the buckle and suggested to the Jerk that this was indeed the problem but I was ordered through again and again the alarm went off. So he instructed me to take off the belt, which I did with difficulty and then my shoes. Threw the belt in the tray and walked through. There was no reason other than him being a prat because having been told that it was the buckle he could have brought me through and used a hand scanner. I understand the need for security but the scruffy, untidy, overweight  “character” just wanted to be a jerk because he could.  Never did have my coffee – well  not until we got back to the hotel.

On Monday afternoon I walked to Victoria Square and took the photographs which I posted last post. Considering the time, effort and money that was spent on the Square, I am not very impressed. Perhaps the six skateboarders jumping on and off the  wooden benches, the less than appealing nature of the place ( I found it cold and impersonal / no warmth about it) and the cracked tiles might just have had something to do with it. Rather than walk into town I thought it would be  good  to just wander through the Central Market. Good plan – problem is that most of the Market is closed on a Monday  :o) I did, in fact, walk into town after all. I did some shopping for my Filofax and was just too lazy ( no, let’s go with tired, I like tired)  to walk  so I took a taxi back to South Terrace. I picked up John from the airport and returned to the hotel. We had much to talk about  :o) and it was good to have him home again.

South Terrace
South Terrace

Traveling home  was interesting. John went to the restroom before we left, and  I had to find a place to stop several times for the same reason. I think  the flight was catching up with him.  He stayed and had dinner with us then I took him home. I was very pleased that the dogs were very  kind and the Man slept through all last night – actually until 7am this morning – so I too was able to get a good sleep. This afternoon I take herself to the hospital for some tests, so that’s the afternoon all tied up.

Over the weekend I have two fundraising functions for the RFDS and I  think the Saturday morning one could be a bit on the cold side. I will be home until the end of September, one week away and two days in Adelaide. Two days during the first week in October and that will be me for the remainder of the year.  I will have another two days away but that’s not until December.

I do not know if this will work, but I pressed the wrong button and I really did not mean this to be posted at this stage. I am trying to retrieve it but I think it is unlikely. However other than the fundraising, I have a relatively quite week end to match the quiet few days I have had since I came home.John's Poster I really need to gert back out and get some work done on this mess that used to be the back garden. It would take too much effort to set it to rights so once the weather calms down and it’s not quite so cold, I will get back into it and have it ready for  Herself’s sister arriving in November.  Lots to do between now and then.