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It’s coming soon.

I left home on Friday morning, it was quiet, no rain, no wind and the sun was showing its good side. For most of the day the weather  was good for a winter day and I had a fairly enjoyable trip down until I reached the city, that is. I had programmed the GPS to take me out to Adelaide Airport and the RFDS Base. Never having been to that end of town before I had to rely on the GPS – bad mistake. It took me the best part of an hour and a half to get to the Airport as the GPS led me into just about every street in the entire  side of the city. “Take the second turning on the left” or words of a similar nature are words that I came to hate. Speaking to friends later I was told that I was  in roads that I should have been no where near. However, I did arrive at Adelaide Airport only to discover that the RFDS Base is not there any more. It has moved to a new area. After being told where the new Base is I set off again, with similar results. I finally gave up and pulled into Harbour Town. I telephoned the Base from the car-park and was told that I was only minutes away and that the base was in the Airport grounds behind Harbour Town. Three minutes later, and after instructions from Lindy & Mary  (RFDS Staff) I was at the Base. I wasn’t lost, you understand – I do not get lost, although from time to time I do become “Geographically Misplaced”  I collected all things that I needed to collect and made my way back out. Tapley’s Hill Road, took me to Sir Donald Bradman Drive, which I knew would take me directly to town and less than 20 minutes later I was in town and heading out to North Adelaide. Not my best day and by now it was raining. After a coffee in my hotel, I decided to  go into town. By this time the rain was pretty heavy so I gave that a miss. I never got half the things I wanted to do. By the time the Conference finished on Saturday, It was chucking it down , so I decided to go home rather than go shopping. Driving out of town was an illustration of what I have been saying to you – the further north I drove the less rain. By Snowtown (150 klm North) the sky was blue and the clouds were white rather than gray. A few spots at the Port and that was about it.

In the last two years I have lost a number of people that I did not expect to lose. I felt all was well, but they just stopped writing – well at least to this page, I still see them on other pages. In the last two months a further two have left and I can’t help wondering who will be next. So, I am considering what I do from here.

Not a lot happens up here. At the moment we are like a potato – everything that is really good is underground – waiting. I would not go so far to say that our glory days are over and that we

Well, are we :o) ?

just go quietly into the night, but there are promises and we live on promises – many of which remain unfulfilled. The  buying of Arrium;  the company brought from the brink of death by Mr. Gupta and the GFG Alliance. Lots of promises, lots of plans, but not really a lot on the ground. Impatience?? Perhaps but it has been a year this month since Arrium  was bought and whilst there is some returning confidence, it’s not as much as was expected.  Some things will have to change, no doubt about that and at the moment we have no real idea of what these changes might be. We look outward and see that one of the largest construction companies, involved in multi-million government projects, has collapsed and closed its doors,  and many people came to work on Monday  morning and by Monday lunchtime, had put their personal belongings into boxes and were out the door for good. It was that fast. That could have happened to us, but it didn’t. Theirs was a sudden shock, ours was a long, slow, painful decline and we are still to raise ourselves up from that.  There is supposed to be a “Big Announcement” today by Mr. Gupta and GFG Alliance, with Mr. Gupta here in town. So we will see what that brings.


Garden, stone and a Pussycat

Trailer empty - getting there.
Trailer empty – getting there.

It’s now been two days since the Windows 10 near disaster and everything has been restored. I did have to make a few changes but nothing too dramatic.  So the lesson – for me anyway – is stay away from Win 10 for the time being.  However it brought home the old saying “To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer”  —Paul R Ehrlich

I did do a fair amount of work on the back area and have completed about half of the work I was doing.  It is on the far side on Annabell’s washing line area so was not able to complete the work for the moment. This area – the crazy paving area – is also on the plan to be redone.  Just to refresh:  this crazy paving area looked good  until you see it really close up – or you are partly disabled and have to hang a washing out on it. It was not well done and is very uneven, so uneven that Herself cannot walk on it. At the moment I have the area partly covered by outdoor underlay and that allows her to get the washing out. Still it’s not a permanent solution and once I finish this current job, I will probably make a start on her washing area before tackling weed central.

In ten days from now I  go down to Adelaide and collect Catherine from Adelaide Airport. Both Herself and I are looking forward to her being here. It’s been eight years since we last had her with us, so apart from working

PeekaBoo - I see you.
PeekaBoo – I see you.

outside, I have also been doing a spot of redecorating in  what will be her bedroom for the duration.

Chienne is well. I need to take her to the vet and get her nails done and  have a quick check that everything is ok. At 14 she eats well, sleep well and we go out for walks most nights. The neighbour’s cats (2) seem to have adopted this area to sleep in, or to sit in the tree and supervise my work. This is not pleasing to Chienne, although it does give her the opportunity  to exercise her vocal chords. Although that was not the case this afternoon when one of the cats made itself a little hiding place under the weed matting where I was working. I had to wait until she got out and wandered away before I could resume work

I went outside last night – camera and tripod – into the back  garden( AKA Weed Central) and tried to take photographs of the moon. Why? you might ask. Well, I was reading this article about how to take photographs of the moon so I thought I would follow the instructions and  try it. Had it worked there would be photographs here – there is not!  We’ll just say no more on that.

Some weeks ago, on a trip back from Adelaide, I stopped again at Lochiel. I took some photographs of the lake and also of the Lakeview

150 years of history gone.
150 years of history gone.

IMG_0420Hotel. In the early years of the Province of SA there were little stop places where the bullock drivers stopped for the night. The wool was brought down from the north on bullock carts and little places like Lochiel  were stopping places. The Pub/Hotel was 150 last year when it went up in flames and all that history lost, I wish they would either knock it down or do something because it is a sad sight when you drive through the area.

Back from Adelaide again.

More Adelaide Porkers
More Adelaide Porkers
Some people call them 'Top-Notch" pigeons.
You invading my space, Bird.

Adelaide (second time) was fun. The aircraft was due to land at 20:15 so I got there a little bit early. Now, in Adelaide airport, all the shops and the eating places and the coffee shop are all upstairs and in order to get to them one must go through security. I had the great good fortune to get a Security Jerk. I have since found out that this is not unusual at Adelaide. Anyway, I was told to take any laptop or tablet out of my bag and place it / them and the bag in the white tray. This I did along with my phone but the alarm went off. I was asked to go back through and try again. I was asked if I had anything that could be setting off the alarm and I suggested that the steel belt buckle could be the problem. The girl examined the buckle and suggested to the Jerk that this was indeed the problem but I was ordered through again and again the alarm went off. So he instructed me to take off the belt, which I did with difficulty and then my shoes. Threw the belt in the tray and walked through. There was no reason other than him being a prat because having been told that it was the buckle he could have brought me through and used a hand scanner. I understand the need for security but the scruffy, untidy, overweight  “character” just wanted to be a jerk because he could.  Never did have my coffee – well  not until we got back to the hotel.

On Monday afternoon I walked to Victoria Square and took the photographs which I posted last post. Considering the time, effort and money that was spent on the Square, I am not very impressed. Perhaps the six skateboarders jumping on and off the  wooden benches, the less than appealing nature of the place ( I found it cold and impersonal / no warmth about it) and the cracked tiles might just have had something to do with it. Rather than walk into town I thought it would be  good  to just wander through the Central Market. Good plan – problem is that most of the Market is closed on a Monday  :o) I did, in fact, walk into town after all. I did some shopping for my Filofax and was just too lazy ( no, let’s go with tired, I like tired)  to walk  so I took a taxi back to South Terrace. I picked up John from the airport and returned to the hotel. We had much to talk about  :o) and it was good to have him home again.

South Terrace
South Terrace

Traveling home  was interesting. John went to the restroom before we left, and  I had to find a place to stop several times for the same reason. I think  the flight was catching up with him.  He stayed and had dinner with us then I took him home. I was very pleased that the dogs were very  kind and the Man slept through all last night – actually until 7am this morning – so I too was able to get a good sleep. This afternoon I take herself to the hospital for some tests, so that’s the afternoon all tied up.

Over the weekend I have two fundraising functions for the RFDS and I  think the Saturday morning one could be a bit on the cold side. I will be home until the end of September, one week away and two days in Adelaide. Two days during the first week in October and that will be me for the remainder of the year.  I will have another two days away but that’s not until December.

I do not know if this will work, but I pressed the wrong button and I really did not mean this to be posted at this stage. I am trying to retrieve it but I think it is unlikely. However other than the fundraising, I have a relatively quite week end to match the quiet few days I have had since I came home.John's Poster I really need to gert back out and get some work done on this mess that used to be the back garden. It would take too much effort to set it to rights so once the weather calms down and it’s not quite so cold, I will get back into it and have it ready for  Herself’s sister arriving in November.  Lots to do between now and then.

Home, for a while!

I can still relate to this
I can still relate to this
The Porkers at Rundle Mall, Adelaide
The Porkers at Rundle Mall, Adelaide

I have been working in my room for most of today and it is cold outside, so much so that I carried the Man’s bed from the other room into my room, where there is a fire. He is curled up and asleep. He sleeps a lot these days. In fact he spends most of the time sleeping, but when he is awake he eats well enough and he still has his stick  in the morning. For the last couple of nights they have been in the room with me and Chi sleeping up with me. I just looked over and he is out cold on his warm bed on his three inch cushion of foam  Only another eight days and John will be back with us. He is still enjoying his holiday and I believe he is presently in Budapest. I hear the weather over there is quite good at the moment – it’s cold here.

It has been a week since I wrote the first paragraph and I have spent most of my time away from home. I spent Monday to Thursday out of town, came home Thursday evening and set off to Adelaide on Friday Morning. I was at conference on Saturday morning and although I can’t say much about it, I can say that in all honesty it was probably  the worst conference I have had the misfortune to attend. I felt a deep sense of shame over what had taken place.  So much so that I left before the end, got in the car and drove through the city and up to Port Wakefield  (about 115 klms) before I settled down. I called herself from Pt. Wakefield and spent some time talking to her before starting the drive north.  Today (Sunday 10th) I am home. Tomorrow I head back to Adelaide and pick up John from Adelaide Airport. Just seems like a few days since I took him down there and yet six weeks have just flown  past. However,  as a British Politician used to say, “A week in politics is a long time” and I think the same goes for Word Press – CDL has a sort of Kitchen Meltdown. and Rachel has a horrible time in Hospital and I feel so much of a “fraud”complaining about having to do all this traveling whilst people have had “real” problems.

Anyway, I am home again. I picked up  John at Adelaide airport last night and we stayed in South Terrace  and traveled  back this morning. I have the rest of this week off. I have made myself not available so I can settle down for a while. I took some photographs whilst I was in Adelaide. Some should please Jill because they are the two fountains in Victoria Square. A couple of others are the “Porkers” in Rundle Mall. It was a fairly pleasant two days – cold but dry and good for driving. Although John was not so sure – after the heat of Europe he was really feeling the cold. The Man has not improved any and still barks into empty space, which at 2am, is a bit of a trial. I have spoken to his Vet and he seems to think that the half tablet is sufficient for his age and weight. I did look this up and it

The Main fountain, Victoria Square, Adelaide SA
The Main fountain, Victoria Square, Adelaide SA

seems that a half tablet for dogs under 10 klo is the recommended dosage and that’s what he gets each evening – half tablet of Carprofen (10mgs)  Still, I am not altogether certain that this is helping him as much as

The other end of Victoria Square.
The other end of Victoria Square.

it should. He is not in any way hampered because he still eats and he still runs around the place like a mad thing at times, but the yelping gets on everyone’s nerves at times. Poor little thing  !! Most of the time the dogs are in with me – where the fire is.    Not too long now and I can start to complain about the heat :o)



Ladies groups and dog walks :o)

The New Look
Next stage is the area at the very back – at the green fence

It’s good to be back home again. Adelaide was just fraught with problems, and not just driving ones either. Governments aren’t the only organisations that are metro centric, it’s just the whole South Australian culture and the way South Australia has developed as a one city state with everything being concentrated in that one area. The meeting scheduled for here in October has been rescheduled back to Adelaide, which didn’t really surprise me.

I find it interesting that Google Earth is still operating on maps that have been out of date for the best part of five years. I say this mainly because it is showing the South Road as it used to be before the major construction and upheaval began.  Tuesday and Wednesday for the next two weeks I hide in my room, or go for very  l  o  n  g  walks with the dogs. For the next  four weeks herself is hosting the ladies group  (18) on a Tuesday Evening and a Wednesday Morning. However I get the fun job of rushing around setting everything up for her on Tuesday afternoon and then put it all away on Wednesday afternoon – if I am home.

The weather has been dry  but cold, particularly in the mornings and at night. Adelaide Airport had to be shut down and traffic diverted for several hours the other day as fog blanketed the area. We had some fog here but nothing as bad as Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills area. I bought new beds for the dogs and they have adapted to them quite well. They are much thicker padding than the old beds, so they seem to like that idea.  This is also good because the little man seems to spend a lot of time in his bed sleeping.

Got a request for the RFDS to do a catering function next week so I have been busy today trying to organise people for that. I have four thus far and I think we may well be able to manage on that.  Should be a fun day.