Gracie, The Man and a bit of a bug.

When the world was young
When the world was young

That was a struggle and even the two of us could not control him. He fought and clawed us every single moment, screamed and yelped in herself’s ear until we finally released him – half done.  What was this traumatic experience we subjected The Man to ???  We gave him a bath – or tried to! He screamed and yelled the whole time one would think we were trying to murder him. He needed to be bathed and we did try – we got him bathed but not fully dried. Fortunately it was a very warm day 34c so it was not too much of a problem. He may not be able to bite but there is nothing wrong with his voice or his  front paw nails. Anyway, he is reasonably clean now although I was not able to cut away the hair from the front of his face. That’s a job for another day,  once herself’s  hearing  has recovered  :o) Because of his  lack of sight he keeps knocking over the  biscuit bowl and the water bowl, so this morning I went to the hardware store and bought some timber. I will make a platform on which I will place the water and biscuit bowls – not so high that he can’t reach it (about the same height as the platform I made for his food dish) but high enough so that he is not stepping in the water or knocking it over.

As I said in the last post, the trip to Adelaide was good – up to a point. But at least I am not due back until late November, then the first week in December and that’s it until February. We did decide on a single location for the conference and from now on, all meetings will be held at Para Hills, who are willing not only to accept the responsibility but also do the catering required.

Bit of a delay in posting. I have been ill but am recovering now.  There I was, standing at death’s door and along comes CDL and does her very best to push me through  by using words like,  incident, Gracie, Vet and Blood Tests almost in the same paragraph. If the Man had not got trapped in a corner and was yelling for help, I shudder to think what might have happened. Anyway, I am so glad she is OK (Gracie, that is!). Wish I could say the same for the Man. He’s not getting any better, nor do I expect him to, but he seems to be holding on. He still gets attempted murdertrapped in corners and I still have to rescue him. However, he eats well enough and he still has his medication but he is almost completely blind now although he still seems strong enough and gets around – slowly, as long as there are no corners to jump out and trap him. Sneaky things, corners!! Between this and a few other issues, my recovery has not been as speedy as I would have liked. I am impatient particularly with myself  when I find that I cannot do things this week that I did last week and will probably be able to do again next week – I want it to be next week now!  I have to make an unscheduled  trip to Adelaide in about a week. I don’t have to do this now, but the sooner I get it over and done with the better and I can forget about it for another three years. Actually, if I do this now I will NOT  do it again – ever. Of course, in order to do this, I need to get myself fit and well.

4 thoughts on “Gracie, The Man and a bit of a bug.

  1. Worry not! Apparently Gracie had a bad case of gas. If I had waited a little while before rushing her to the vet, a few good farts would have cured what ailed her:),

    That she had to wait 1.5 hours later than usual for her dinner… now THAT’s something to worry about!

    My positive thoughts continue for The Man.


  2. Indeed it is something to worry about – Chienne would have a lot to say about that. She starts playing up if I’m half an hour late let alone an hour and a half :o)


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